View Full Version : Flavor 3: SS Help

07-26-2014, 09:02 AM
If you're following along at home, I am starting with a list of feats and seeing if that leads me in any particular direction. This is the build I would be LEAST familiar with so please be gentle.;)

SWF (seems worthwhile to do some melee)
IC: Pierce (see above)
Spell Focus
Great Spell Focus
Empower Healing

I could bit all of these in if I used a Human by level 21 (taking GSF at 21).

I see using the SS tree quite extensively, but also utilizing the SB tree for swashbuckling and hoping for tier 3 to use an orb (maybe?) while swashbuckling. What do I see going on here? Well, crowd control, SLA damage, and fun times overall. Just a lot of utility.

I don't see a reason to splash anything here, but I dunno really.

This is the least fleshed out of my ideas simply because of unfamiliarity.

All help and suggestions are welcome.