View Full Version : Think I found something cool for swashbuckler class the other day...

07-25-2014, 08:38 PM
So whilst trolling the ddo wiki to pass the time the other day, I stumbled across something interesting. So while swashbuckling, a large portion of your light weapon choices will off you an 18-20 x 3 crit range, a few good named items get slightly more range but overall the damage will feel about the same. Then I happened upon a weapon that would actually get 18-20 x 4 crit on it before imp critical. Hand axe of the unseen blow out of litany of the dead. As a level 16 item you can effectively use this if you plan to etr a bunch for epic completionist and actually it seems like with the extra crit multiplier, this little handaxe will come out to be better damage than even t1 thunderforged items. I would even go as far to say better than t2 but not against things with high fort.

Basically put, the more +'s to damage before crit multipliers you have, the farther ahead the x4 will be. With swashbucklers, this is basically what they are doing. The cores each add an extra damage, inspire courage is buffing it, ect.. Although the aousb only has a +5 mod, the extra enchantment bonuses on another weapon wont beat out that extra crit multiplier until you get at least +12 higher. This of course doesnt count in extra damage from like fiery or holyburst or bloodletter, so there may be a few better options along the way but at the very least, it is a very solid choice especially if you plan to etr a lot. There will also be situations with dr/x where it lags behind some but lots of weapons have the same issue.

One other note of interest, this weapon works exceptionally well with legendary dreadnought. Anvil of thunder with a stun proc for crits and +2 crit multiplier for axes on 19-20 along with a stacking seeker 6...

07-26-2014, 10:30 AM
Unfortunately, I tested it on Lam and it seems to not count as a Swashbucklable weapon for some reason or another. However, there are a couple of other items that get the 15-20/x4 crit range: Balizarde, Skullsmasher, and Sky Pirate's Dagger.