View Full Version : Looking for a first life Ranger/monk build and a TR build to get ranger life

07-19-2014, 06:38 AM
I was looking for a TR ranger life build will TR that one at 20 as well as starting a new toon first life. I have read the Ranger/monk combo is great. I love range combat and would edge towards AA if viable. I have access to all races. Just need some help or an idea of some builds I could try out. Have never played ranger before so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

07-19-2014, 10:25 AM
For ranger pl with no info about tomes I'd say 11ranger/6monk/3cleric. All the ranged feats some self healing and divine might.

07-20-2014, 05:56 AM
[QUOTE=macadope;5383326]For ranger pl with no info about tomes I'd say 11ranger/6monk/3cleric.

Sorry I should of said my TR toon has +3 tomes on all stats with int and wis on +4. And the other build will be able to use +3 tomes I have saved he would be a 34 point toon with minimal equipment. Bit of a pain request I know the TR just needs to get to 20 then will move him on the other toon I start from scratch I would like to know what type of epic destinies I should go for and equipment to aim for. Much appreciated any help you can give or build links I should look at.

07-23-2014, 04:33 AM
I love range combat and would edge towards AA if viable.
Good news! You can do exactly that, and I think it's pretty hard to mess it up.

You can simply go Elf, max out dexterity, put all AP towards getting Paralysing Arrows (which you'll have maxed out when you reach level 7), then put all AP towards getting Aerenal Grace for dex-to-damage with longbows (which you will reach during level 11). After that you will be rocking absolutely everything up to level 20 and for long enough after to farm all your tokens of the 12.

That's the skeletal version, and I'm sure there're plenty of things that can be tweaked (especially if you splash Monk). The basics of it are solid, though. I played a pure Ranger just by those pointers, and while it starts out a bit slow (damage isn't great, attacks are fairly slow, early AA doesn't have a whole lot of imbuements to work with, etc.) you can steadily feel that your character is getting more powerful as you level up and at 7 and 11 you get those WHOA! moments when the really good enhancements kick in.

As for gear... If you're simply leveling up to TR and get a past life, just get whatever bow has the best damage procs (Poison, Shock, Vorpal, w/e), the number of Arcane Archer core enhancements you have applies as a non-stacking enchantment bonus to your bow, so it doesn't matter much whether you use a +1 or a +4 bow if you're an arcane archer.

07-23-2014, 06:55 AM
I'd go for a str based build. Get yourself a set of jidz tet ka bracers, run in sun stance with them equipped for an extra 25% healing amp.
You'll be able to virtually dump dexterity, start with 11base, relying on a +2 tome to qualify for dodge by level 9, then ignore it (note this is for a heroic build, an epic build would need to have decent dex in order to qualify for combat archery)

Splashing with monk makes sense for 10k Stars & Zen archery, this means that wisdom is going to be an important stat for your to hit, and your chance to proc extra arrows in your upper mid teens & beyond.
Dex is pointless since 11 ranger levels will grant all the feats for you regardless of your dex score.
Str is great since you get the bow strength feat added automaticaly, can drink a rage pot for +2 str, can cast rams might for +2 str, right off the bat that's a bonus +4 to str that dexterity has no equivalent for + you don't need to blow 1/4 of your ap in order to use it for to hit / damage.
1 fvs splash at your late teens will allow you to add your charisma modifier to your strength score as an insight bonus. Even a tentative 8base+2tome+6item+2 ship buff = +4 strength, again dex has no match for that.

Seriously, go Strength, it's awesome.

Go human to pick up the dragon mark of passage for expeditious retreat and dimension door.

Get 11ranger levels to qualify for all your ranged feats (except improved precise shot)
6 monk levels in order to pick up shadowfade, and qualify for 10k stars.
3 levels of your choice. My recomendation would be one fvs level to pick up divine might, it'll be a small bonus, but a bonus is a bonus.

Leveling order would be:

2 ranger > 3 monk > 9ranger > 3monk > 1 fvs > anything to 20, doesn't matter.

Invest lightly in the human tree, picking up tier 1&2 of healing amp, damage boost, +1 strength and the first 2 dragon mark of passage chain.
At low low levels your ranged attack will be anaemic, so Accept you'll be melee'ing primarily & using manyshot for a while
Invest 8ap in the shintao tree for 2 core abilities, and the 10% extra off hand attacks.
Invest 6ap in ninja spy, 1 on core 1, 3 on +3 dodge and 2 on sneak attack. You're now going to be centered wielding shortswords, these or wraps will be your weapons of choice (depending on enemy DR and how good your options are) until you can use a bow full time.
spend 1ap in deep wood sniper for core 1
spend 8ap in AA for core 1, unlimited arrows, SP & one elemental imbue. That'll all you'll be investing in AA until your teens when your ranged damage starts to improve.

1: Point blank shot, Dragon mark of passage (H)
2: (M) Power attack
3: Cleave, (M) Zen archery
6: Great Cleave
9: Dodge
12: Improved Critical
15: Empower Heal
17: (M) 10k Stars
18: Master of forms

Once you get improved precise shot (at level 14) you can justify starting to swap to bows more often and dropping most of the ap out of the tempest and shintao trees to start getting all the good abilities from deepwood stalker and AA. Using bows before improved precise shot (with the exception of during manyshot) is almost a guaranteed way to be a burden to your party.