View Full Version : Ideal level 20 gear for spellcaster?

07-18-2014, 12:46 PM
Now that everyone's a bard, what's the ideal level 20 gear? I'm asking about level 20 so once I start et-ring, I have a good base to turn to. The build is cha based spellsinger focusing on sla with a bit of the other trees splashed for goodies.

I assume epic elyd edge and swashbuckler buckler? Dragontouched armor?

Please stay at max level 20, no 21s please. But feel free to ignore my specific build and give your ideas on ideal level 20 gear on other bard builds - after all etr lets you refocus a bit.

07-18-2014, 09:27 PM
The tier 3 epic Duelist Leathers and epic swashbuckler are both very good.

The tier 3 House C Challenge gear is better than most epic items. The blasting chime tier 3 is definitely great for a bard. Depending on what element you want to use for energy burst you can use either the bracers, boots or cloak.

The belt is great for a swashbuckler.

If you have a high enough house cannith crafting level, you can make some very nice gear with either 1 green or a yellow + colorless slot.

Epic Shimmering Pendant is great, although I am using Heroic Elite Nightsinger's Mantle instead for the perform boost so I can use my epic torc. Concordant opp greensteel is nice for 10 hp/150sp , exc charisma skill +6 and sp regen.

I use heroic elite treads for ghostly and dex.

Heroic Elite Guardian's Ring is nice for PRR. Ring of Elemental Essence is nice for SP plus spellpower in fire/cold/acid/electric for energy burst and you get a slot.