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07-14-2014, 10:03 AM

First off I guess I posted this in the wrong forums. Anyway - I've heard of and seen the "Wizard Eldritch Knight builds" - where they multi-class a build for the Tenser's Transformation. I made one using a PDK and he's very good. Walked around GiantHold and decided to go into a quest - Trial by Fire - and I though that it was a fitting name and test for my first run. Since I didn't know what to expect I ran it solo on hard and... WOW! The enhancements I took where: Tenser's Transformation, Eldritch Shield and Eldritch Tempest. I took the cleave and greater cleave feats too! I think he has dodge, mobility and spring attack; I like these because of the dodge bonus. He is mostly a strength/con based 'fighter'. It all ran smoothly until the end fight. I think I possibly should have taken solid fog or something other than firewall since it popped for maybe 50 points or so. But please note that I just rolled the character and started playing - not much thought into 'casting' since he was going to be a 'fighter-type.' Probably with a bit more tweaking I can get him better at spells. I did this on a server I don't play on often - so I didn't have any gear or money to spend on him. I did get him a set of +6 Int goggles! YAY! Since PDK's start at 15 he's only a 8 Wiz & 7 Fighter so I can't test out the Power Surge, but playing with it on a pure fighter it does make a major difference... Anyway - I started thinking about a build or this type of build in general and came up with some ideas.

The first one was a 'clean' fighter/wizard build with 12 levels of Fighter and 8 levels of Wizard. That would give him the Kensei Power Surge from Fighter and then Haste, Displacement, Rage, StoneSkin, FireShield and a bonus like Death Aura or FireWall or something of your choice like Solid Fog! lol

Then I got weird and thought about this one - a 12 Fighter 7 Wizard and 1 Druid... The 12 fighter for the Power Surge. Wiz only gets you only 2 level 4 spells so StoneSkin and probably FireShield. I threw in the 1 Druid for Rams Might! Since I've never played a druid I was wondering how they are with cure wands and such?

Then, since I love Rangers I went with a 11 Ranger, 5 Wizard and 4 Rogue. 11 Ranger gets you 3 Favored Enemies, Greater Two Weapon Fighting and the usual Ranger perks! The 5 Wizard gets you the Eldritch Knight and minimal spells like Haste and Displacement! The Rogue gets you Uncanny Dodge! I haven't built this one since I can't do 4 classes with a PDK but may try it on one of my many L20 Rangers. I'm thinking that an Elf would be excellent but a half elf would work too; but a 'basic human' for the extra feat wouldn't hurt. OH! I read some where that someone said that the Ranger Enhancement: "Bleed Them Out" doesn't work well... I've tested it and if you're whacking away at a caster - YEAH! lol Not to mention the max 3 [W]!!! I love the way they 'hiccup' lol

I know - These may not be original at all but they would all would be built as a fighter type character. Albeit I have tried one that's built as a caster! He's pretty good and can mele to a good degree. I have rolled a few of these already but have only played a couple of them. The two caster feat I made 'mandatory' in all of this was Quicken and Extend. Quicken for obvious reasons but Extend was to prevent me from having to cast a spell "in the middle of a fight."

A problem I"ve been running into is with the enhancement points. For my requirement of: Tenser's Transformation, Eldritch Shield and Eldritch Tempest you're looking at about 42 points... Not a whole lot to spend anywhere else; especially when rolling with a PDK. But that leaves 30 something as I level him up to get Power Surge. I always try to get some attack clickie with the enhancements! With the skill points I went with balance and concentration; although now thinking about it I should have some in Spellcraft! The most pressing problem I'm finding is self healing - without UMD, or some levels in Ranger it's all Pots... Which was problematic with that character since he didn't have any money lol

Anyone have any suggestions, comments or ideas along these lines?

"May all your rolls be 20's" :)