View Full Version : Improved Shield Bash on Swashbuckler?

07-10-2014, 01:40 PM
I'm planning to TR my current bard into a 12 Bard/6 Fighter/2 Rogue swashbuckler and the number of feats has me considering Improved Shield Bash + Shield Striking for extra DPS. However, I have no experience with ISB, so don't know how well it functions in practice. On paper, a 35% chance for a free shield bash (even if the shield lacks the awesome crit capabilities of the mainhand weapon) with all my damage mods added in seems pretty darn good.

Is anyone using it and finding it a good addition? Does it actually proc 35% of the time? Is it based off the shield's damage profile + other mods?

I notice that it says that it only works when stationary, so that does limit it's effectiveness a bit.

07-10-2014, 04:06 PM
If you have a free feat, it isn't a bad choice, though it has a problem: shield bash procs at most once per second. Still, its an extra ~50-60 damage per second, which isn't bad by any means.
In addition to the damage from the shield, it also has two other benefits: If you don't roll a 20 with your roll, it will add an exploit weakness stack (exploit weakness doesn't expand shield crit range, but does trigger off of shield bashes). If you do roll a 20, Overbalance will trigger, knocking down your opponent.

There is another downside to shield bashes: since it damages after your weapon, it will almost certainly break Guardbreaking's CC if you want to leave the mob alone to work on something else.