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10 Fighter/6 Monk/4 Paladin - Bladeforged

Level 1 (paladin)
attributes: str 18, dex 10, con 16, cha 16
skills: 1x tumble, repair, balance, use magic device x10
feat: (selected) weapon focus slashing weapons

Level 2 (paladin)

Level 3 (paladin)
feat: (selected) completionist

Level 4 (paladin)

Level 5 (monk)
feat: (monk bonus) power attack

Level 6 (monk)
feat: (monk bonus) two handed fighting
feat: (selected) cleave

Level 7 (monk)

Level 8 (monk)

Level 9 (monk)
feat: (selected) great cleave

Level 10 (fighter)
feat: (fighter bonus) improved two handed fighting

Level 11 (monk)
feat: (monk bonus) dodge

Level 12 (fighter)
feat: (fighter bonus) mobility
feat: (selected) quicken spell

Level 13 (fighter)

Level 14 (fighter)
feat: (fighter bonus) weapon specialization slashing weapons

Level 15 (fighter)
feat: (selected) greater two handed fighting

Level 16 (fighter)
feat: (fighter bonus) spring attack

Level 17 (fighter)

Level 18 (fighter)
feat: (fighter bonus) greater weapon focus slashing weapons
feat: (selected) master of forms

Level 19 (fighter)

Level 20 (fighter)
feat: (fighter bonus) improved critical slashing weapons

Level 21
feat: (selected) overwhelming critical

Level 24
feat: (selected) great ability strength

Level 26
feat: (epic destiny) perfect two handed fighting

Level 27
feat: (selected) great ability strength

Level 28
feat: (epic destiny) perfect two weapon fighting

Twists of Fate: piercing clarity, grim precision, a dance of flowers

Enhancements Ninja Spy: shadow veil, sneak attack training x1, acrobatic x3, agility x3 (11 AP spent)

Enhancements Kensei: kensei focus axes, haste boost x2, improved dodge x2, improved mobility x1, strength x2, critical damage x3, one with the blade (33 AP spent)

Enhancements Bladeforged: constitution x1, mechanist x1, communion of scribing x3, improved power attack x2, weapon attachment, communion of handling (17 AP spent)

Enhancements Knight of the Chalice: extra turning x3, extra smite x1, divine might x3, strength +1 (13 AP spent)

Enhancements Sacred Defender: sacred defense, durable defense x3 (6 AP spent)

Dodge = 3% dodge +2% mobility +2% spring attack +3% past lives shadar-kai +6% flurry of blows +10% item +3% ninja spy acrobatic +2% kensei improved dodge = 31%

PRR = 24 guardian's ring +25 sacred defender +12 mountain stance +9 pdk past lives +3 divine epic past life = 73


goggles level 20/24/28: deadly goggles of wizardry

head level 20: helm of frost with dex +6 yellow slot
head level 24: plundered pirate hat with cha +8, insightful cha +3, true seeing, insightful dex +2 blue slot, dex +7 colorless slot

neck level 20: jorgundal's collar with exc str +1 colorless slot
neck level 25: jorgundal's collar with vitality +20 green slot and globe of true imperial blood colorless slot

trinket: litany of the dead
cloak: epic envenomed cloak with con +7 and good luck +2 green slot

belt level 20: belt of true seeing with prr +12 green slot
belt level 24: girdle of giants' brawn with str +8, prr +14 green slot, insightful con +2 colorless slot

gloves level 20: skirmisher's gloves with str +8
gloves level 24: epic charged gauntlets with greater shocking blow, str +6, lightning resist 30, repair +13 yellow slot

boots: epic boots of corrosion with heavy fortification blue slot and wis +6 colorless slot
bracers: bracers of twisting shade with disable device +20, search +20, exceptional seeker +5, blurry, resistance +7
armor: epic blademark's docent with life shield, dr 5/epic, construct fortification 10%, superior false life, vertigo +15, master's gift blue slot, vitality +20 colorless slot

ring left: seal of house dun'robar with stunning +10, dodge +8%
ring right: consuming darkness with seeker, combat mastery, deathblock yellow slot

hands level 20: epic antique greataxe with reconstruction +90 red slot and exc cha +1 colorless slot
hands level 24+: thunder-forged greataxe

Main Bar:
1) stunning blow
2) improved sunder
3) great cleave
4) momentum swing
5) cleave
6) communion of scribing
7) shadow veil
8 ) divine might
\ 9) primal scream, rage potion
0) improved trip

Completionist with these past lives:
- All 39x Heroic;
- 10x Iconic -> 3x sun elf, 3x pdk, 3x bladeforged, 1x shadar-kai;
- 2x Epic -> 1x brace, 1x energy criticals

base color 2
cranium 4
facial detail 1
eye color red
hair style 4
hair color x1 y1
cheek blade 3
chin blade 1
nose blade 1

Items needed:
- ogre power +8 ring of seeking ML 24
- docent of the claw (from emerald claw nugget)

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yes, it's that one, but I'm trying to realize how and when to fit all those feats and put the build in a shared place

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yes, it's that one, but I'm trying to realize how and when to fit all those feats and put the build in a shared place

Then no need for a new name! :)
Also u could post or ask on his thread...

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Then no need for a new name! :)
Also u could post or ask on his thread...

New name?

Cetus is a character, not a build name!

So far, the 12 /6 /2 centered kensei is unnamed.

Feel free to go with deathtitan =D

Cetus might be a pure fighter again soon, so then the "cetus build" will be 20 fighter.

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I always and only played casters for 5 years, but when I saw Cetus build I was fascinated and I decided to make a "non-caster" build :D

I updated the build in the first post with a pure melee one.