View Full Version : Artificer GS repeater

07-01-2014, 07:45 AM
Hey guys. I already have a triple earth for the summon and an ooze for the lols. I understand the best overall dps is lit2 but I'm gonna gimp through that with my pretend lit2 +1 desert sand repeater soon with icy burst (plus there is earth2 alchemical at 18). I'm trying to figure out which repeater I should go with if I want the +2 insightful intelligence bonus at tier 3. At tier 1 I'll probably be using spellpower so the repeater becomes a spellcasting implement and buffs my spells.

The options before me are:

Triple negative : slay living
Triple fire: incineration

Both very easy and cheap to make

Fire+air: smoke
Fire+positive: radiance

Both very good defensively. Smoke gives another displacement clickie and radiance on a ranged toon is sweet with how blindness works nowadays.

Fire+negative: enervation
Fire+earth: magma

Both kinda more useful in epics where level drain and slow are useful against mobs with tons of hp. However, in epics you get insightful intelligence +3 from other sources so I won't be using this particular repeater there at all.