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06-28-2014, 11:12 AM
I'm back after 3 year layoff. What items should I be looking for? Running a 20 capped nuke sorc.

Also saw my superior 6 club now appears to be worthless to the level 20+ stuff.

Any help is appreciated.

06-28-2014, 05:25 PM
Welcome back! While there other items out there, the War Wizard's Set is relatively quick and easy to acquire. (See DDOwiki.com) You farm Commendations to trade in for the gear in the King's Forest (ML21) assuming you have the expansion pack.

I am currently Epic TRing (28 of 36 epic past lives) and have been completing this as a 19 Sorc/1 Rogue (evasion is for those that can't survive any other way :P), and I highly encourage you to acquire the shard/seal/scrolls for the 5 pieces of Epic Might of the Abishai set from Epic Chronoscope (in addition to the sorc related bonuses, what caster can't use +10 CON?).

The weapons in Thunderforge crafting are ML 24 (150 spell power)

At 25 there are several Fall of Truth raid items as well as Epic Blue Dragonscale Armor and Helm to replace your level 20 gear.

In spending your action points, don't overlook spending 15ish AP in the Eldritch Knight tree for the +3 to Spellcraft, Arcane Barrier, +1 CHA, and +15 HP.


06-29-2014, 06:59 PM
Do I have to collect the scales again on epic or how would I upgrade my blue scale robe i currently have?

07-10-2014, 06:53 AM
Do I have to collect the scales again on epic or how would I upgrade my blue scale robe i currently have?

Hi and Welcome Back -

You'll have to collect flawless scales and Commendations of Heroism

Flawless scales can be purchased fairly inexpensively (AH or A$AH) or you can farm them in Epic Tor. If you're on Thelanis, I'll give you a good deal on them since I have a boatload from farming Epic Dragon Helms and Globes of True Imperial Blood.

Commendations of Heroism can be farmed in Caught in the Web (assuming you have the MoTU Expansion) or in Fall of Truth - the epic raid in Gianthold. They are BTC so you won't be able to trade them.

Keep in mind that you'll want to purchase Epic Destinies (if you don't have the MoTU Expansion) since that is where the majority of your power comes from in Epic Levels (20-28/30)

07-11-2014, 09:06 AM
End end or epic tr end game?

This is end end setup, etr depends

Totally endgame, flawless shadow scale /robe asumming you are fleshie so will go with setup for fleshie.
Weapon depends either t3 2 hander or what i personally prefer is libram /from hh and it gives 11 into char and stacking spp/crit/ and a t3 thunderforged ele spp slot for healing spp +focus /i like enchant can go with evoc/ +crit at t3.
Bracer dum from wyrm raid, helm blue dr 3 or the 3bc one with insight 3, googles canoners for the sp discount, gloves healing amp /3bc ones mits for vitality n str, neck hh ones for insightgul 4 con, trinket litany, belt ee skuldery kit /i prefer 10 dodge version its from mirror darkly, ring 1 lantern ring, ring 2 health 10 of resist 10 or some other suffix, boots gsteel for sp/but can drop tho i prefer to keep the sp for swap in at least, quiver of alatricity