View Full Version : Current (U22p1) Warchanter tree, Howl of the North requirements?

06-25-2014, 04:08 PM
Yes, I know, devs have been discussing changes to the Warchanter tree, but that's in the future. (Maybe this produces useful data for the planning there, maybe not...)

But, sort of continuing from elsewhere, as of a couple of minutes ago, http://ddowiki.com/page/Warchanter still says Weapon Group Training requires Weapon Focus, and Howl of the North has funny words about "trained weapon" ... well, sure, the trained weapon part is still in the in-game description anyway.
(Yeah right, I guess I could go get a Wiki account and edit it myself, but...)

Um, no. That is what the wiki says currently, but it doesn't match what's on live, not at U21, not at U22, not at U22p1.

Because my warchanter currently does NOT have a Weapon Focus feat but still has taken Weapon Group Training. On Argonnessen, currently logged in and just checked... oh and I last reset my enhancements last week to take Swashbucker Fast Movement and such.

Haven't checked recently if I do actually get the extra multiplier though. I'll just jump out to Gianthold wilderness and whack a couple of giants on the head or something...

Edit: Yep, do get the multiplier. Imp Crit is Slash, and with the Mad Lute (Greatclub, 20/x2), regular hit is ~65 and critical ~200. So doesn't even require the correct Improved Critical, heh... with a falchion, most criticals are ~140, but 19-20 are ~200.

Should I drop the Weapon Group Training and try again for completeness? Fighter and barbarian 1-splashes, so don't need it for martial proficiencies...

Well, now I have tried without Weapon Group Training on my other bard, a trapbardcher (really tight on the APs, duh, I ran out of space for all the trees I'd want to take stuff from too) and I do seem to get the extra multiplier even then. At level 16, critting for up to 138 with a roll of 19, lootgen keen2 rapier in a Cleave. ... oh and it also seems to work with the longbow. I think.

06-26-2014, 03:10 AM
I removed the Weapon Focus requirement. This has not been true for quite some time now.

I have never been sure what "Trained Weapon" in Howl of the North refers to, but it seems like that part will get removed anyway.