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06-25-2014, 07:31 AM
Hello im looking ahead for my completionist build. I am 4 TRs or so from it now and still not sure what i want.
I want to be selfsuficient, CC able, killing able, solo able etc ;) ....

I thought about wizzard because i loved it most for strong CC (was long time ago before epic lvls i played pure CC wiz)
I also like to do traps and have evasion if i can get enough reflex so i decided 2 rog.
I choose drow because it has candies i like more than +1 feat, and i will be in litch form most of time so no use for warforged i think.

stats max INT of course, then probably max CON because i dont see mutch use for UMD on palemaster to boost CHA

drow 18, pick +1ench DC, +2int, and autosearch (can drop autosearch to save points but no need for that i think)
37 necro tree, basically anything here just pick all tier 5 candy and litch form
25 archmage tree, some candies from tier 4

Feats: completionist, wiz past life, INT for reflex save, 2x spel pen, quicken, maximize, heighten, rest (2) into SF necro and/or enchantment

If my math is correct i can get INT to 60+ without heavy investment to INT thru epic destinies
And my DCs could be in 55-60 range with some basic equip for enchant/necro
I suffer -2 on spell pen because multiclass but 2x spelpen and +3 from pastlives should do the job i hope.
Reflex should be on 60+ without any 3rd party buffs.

My questions are:
How mutch spellpen you need for EE (not counting unpenetrable drows etc.) ?
Is 55+ DC good for CC and instakills on EE ?
Is evasion on 60+ reflex enough ?
Any other advice ?

06-25-2014, 09:00 AM