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06-22-2014, 01:28 PM
Trying to make an pure wiz elf EDK next life so need some help regarding the build.

Starting Stats are:
STR: 8 (+4 From Tome)
DEX: 18 (+4 From Tome)
CON: 14 (+4 From Tome)
INT: 18 (+4 From Tome)
WIS: 8 (+4 From Tome)
CHA: 8 (+4 From Tome)

Since considering to build it as a Enchantment EDK for CC trying to consider these feats:
Spell Focus Enchantment
Greater Spell Focus Enchantment
Spell Penetration
Greater Spell Penetration

Then Considering which of these feat to get
Empower and Maximize (Does this two meta-magic feat work with Eldritch Strike, Tempest and Spell Blades?)
Shield Proficiency, Improve Shield Bash, Shield Mastery and Improve Shield Mastery (Trying to consider the shield feat for a better survivability within melee combat since the Shield proficiency feat doesn't let one gain access other shield feats)
Mental Toughness and Improve Mental Toughness

06-24-2014, 11:37 AM
Hey, glad to see people trying out the EK tree, I love the idea and am currently running one haha :)

So to start, you have to know that the EK in ddo are mainly melee, it would be quite difficult to get a viable DC on your spells and still be functional as a melee, especially as you level up. You'll want to max your Str and have high Con, for example, to survive and do good damage. My EK build was essentially max Str, 2 points less than max Con, and the rest (ended up with 16 with a 36pt build) on Int.

Some of your feats I agree with, some less so. Extend is great for longer buffs, especially if you take the illusion cores from the Archmage tree (you'll need displacement a lot in the later game, so I recommend doing so). I have maximize for better self healing since healers are scarce these days, so to have a strong EK you'll either want to be a warforged and use repair or dip into the pale master tree for an undead form and use death aura/negative energy burst for heals. I personally didn't have room for empower also, but if you're going undead you may want to try and squeeze it in. If you're taking the repair route, reconstruct is fine without either and repair critical damage with maximize are all I use and it works well. Since you're trying to do crowd control on top of melee you probably would want heighten (though I'm not 100% sure you'll be able to CC later in the game, but if you can then that's great). Spell pen and greater spell pen may be a bit difficult to do since you'll want the TWF/THF/SWF line to go with your melee style. Sword and board is definitely another option to go, in which case yes for your sheild mastery but I'd suggest either using a dwarven axe or a bastard sword with it so you still have respectable damage. Mental toughness is definitely a good idea, if you can fit it in then I would. More spellpoints=living longer between rests. Again if you can fit in the spell focus: enchantment then feel free, I hope you succeed in that :)

Lastly, I would avoid going elf. There is the benefit of the extra spellpoints, dex for damage, and enchantment DC but the dex for damage requires a heavy investment to pay off and doesn't give you dex for damage for anything better than a scimitar or longsword. If were trying some sort of EK Archer then maybe it would be cool, but for a melee elves are probably not one of the stronger choices.

Of course these are all just suggestions, so do whatever you like and I hope you enjoy your Eldritch Knight. I'll leave you the link to the build I'm currently running so you can look at that if you want.



Sorry, I had missed your question about maximize and empower. Unfortunately, they do not work on any of the EK damage abilities. Extend, however does work on the Imp Shield (+10 PRR)/Imp Mage Armor (+10% AC) SLA's

06-24-2014, 11:57 AM
I've been contemplating INT-based EK / Swashbuckler builds based on SWF, Two Steps Ahead (INT to dmg), and either S&B for the defensive bonuses or orbs for caster bonuses. You need at least 3 bard lvls to take Swashbuckling+TSA, after that...well, I'm not sure. :o Wiz 17 / bard 3 is an option: you lose access to lich form, unfortunately, but still keep lvl 9 spells. Or wiz 15 / bard 5 if you plan to go for T5 Swashbuckler while still keeping lvl 8 spells.

06-24-2014, 12:57 PM
Oooh, didn't know there was Int to damage available with such a small splash. In that case, that would definitely make a CC/Melee EK possible. Lich form may be out, but vampire form is still solid and gives a boost to enchantment DC's too. May have to try that out some time :)

Just looked it up, looks great. Only thing is you need to be using the SWF line so sheilds are out. With Skirmisher (tier 3 swashbuckler) you can use bucklers though, which I suppose is better than no shield at all. Still something interesting to look into though

06-24-2014, 03:24 PM
Only thing is you need to be using the SWF line so sheilds are out. With Skirmisher (tier 3 swashbuckler) you can use bucklers though, which I suppose is better than no shield at all.
Since you need T3 Swashbuckler anyway for Different Tack, you'll also have access to either Skirmisher (allows bucklers) or Arcane Marauder (allows orbs) while Swashbuckling. You can't have both simultaneously, but it's pretty easy to respec Enhs based on gear as you level.

The concept I was toying with was sun elf wiz 15 / bard 5: Archmage Enchanter / Swashbuckler. Idea was to use CC spells to immobilize mobs; DPS spells + Coup de Grace to kill them. Sun elf is for the +4 INT, +3 Spell Pen, and +1 Enchant DCs. Ideally you have wiz PL x3 and FvS PL x3 for +9 Spell Pen; and Bardic Dilettante for +1 Enchant DCs. APs are pretty tight, though: ~35 APs into Swashbuckler, 15 APs in sun elf, at least 21 APs into AM for Enchant SLAs, only leaving 9 APs to spread elsewhere.