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06-18-2014, 04:37 AM
I came back to DDO recently, and have been bouncing from build to build trying to find what I want to play, and I've -kind- of come to a conclusion, but i'm trying to make it as painless as possible.

I've always liked the idea of the thief acrobat, and I also enjoy hitting things with a large stick, and -all- the cleaves. Traps and locks are a happy, happy side bonus. I did some baseline research and found out that 12/8 or 13/7 rogue/monk is the way to go (due to rogue offering little for going to 20, and monk giving you access to the henshin staff goodies in addition to tier II air stance), but all the builds I could find were 36 point and very gear-dependant.

I have no gear, just restarted, if I move back to khyber (which. eh, I've had etter luck finding non-ZERG ALL THE THINGS groups on thalanis) I would have the stuff from chrono, but.. otherwise, nada. Likewise, this isn't intended to be an EE character, heroic at least, maybe playing around in EN/EH for a while to get a feel for the content before hopping on the TR train and min/maxing

All i'm looking for is

A.) TA!
2.) Big Stick!
3.) Cleaves!
D.) The ability to go "I want to do this quest line" and toss it up in difficulty, but be able to do so solo, with a healbot (.. Hard for difficult chains, but elite for easy one-offs would be best)
E.) Not completely worthless as a rogue! (and thus able to contribute to parties in a meaningful way!)

Any and all advice welcome.

06-18-2014, 07:39 AM
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06-18-2014, 09:14 AM
see my signature.

-I actually used your guide for my monk -- great stuff, btw -- but i'm really looking for something that's more.. rogue than monk

06-18-2014, 09:37 AM
I'm currently playing a 13/6/1 Rogue/Monk/Druid first lifer (not really much point in going to 7 monk). Absolutely awesome fun. Level order was 1 Rogue 2-5 Monk 6 Rogue 7-8 Monk 9-17 Rogue 18 Druid 19 - 20 Rogue. Feats were Power Attack, Cleave, THF, Deflect Arrows, Precision, Great Cleave, Dodge, ITHF, IC: Bludgeon, Master of Forms, Empower Healing, improved sneak attack. At 24 I will pick up Overwhelming crit, with PTWF, GTHF and PTHF to finish off. 33 points in TA tree (cores 1-4, 3 points in quick strike, 1 point in the rest of the line to vault, staff specialization, haste boost), 20 odd points in Henshin up to tier 4 staff damage, and lighting the candle, contemplation and fists of iron, 1 point in Shintao, 3 points in human for damage boost and healing amp, and 13 in ninja spy for shadow veil, extra sneak damage (have a total of 12 dice) and unbalancing strike. Currently levelling it in LD: momentum swing is fun! Could post a more detailed build from home if you need help later.

Edit: Starting Stats were 16 16 14 14 8 8 which allows improved sneak attack with a +5 dex tome, also allows you OC, 14 con is plenty (I'm rocking around 500 at level 21), and 14 int allowed me to max all relevant skills (including tumble over 40 for back and front flip!). Wisdom is fairly irrelevant on the build as you're not using SF... wish I could get a better DC for unbalancing strike though, will probably drop it as it rarely lands.

Alternative splits I've heard of take 1 fighter for more (and cheaper haste) boosts or 1 FvS for divine might. Or alternatively, you could drop down to 10 Rogue and take 4 pally for improved saves and a cheaper divine might.

06-18-2014, 09:56 AM

Well then, this is a little bit tricky:

I'd say 6monk levels are virtually mandatory for Shadowfade + adept of forms.
Rogue break points are probably 9 or 13
9 = improved evasion
13 = can qualify for epic sneak attack, second rogue special ability (opportunist), sneak attack cut off point.

a 13rogue/6monk/1x splash leaves a few options open.

1fvs = divine might & can qualify for empower heal.
1fighter = cheap hasteboost & grants a feat (which you may need since 6monk leaves you one feat shy of Master of forms)
1wiz = Eldritch Cleave + metamagic feat

The problem here is qualifying for Epic Sneak Attack and Overwhelming Critical is going to be really difficult for a new player:
The closest I can get to both (as a human) would require a +3 str tome and a +2 dex tome. As a drow you'd need a +1 str tome and a +2 dex tome, but this would cost you damage boost and another feat.

Personally given those options, I'd go with Human for now, and build towards getting Epic sneak attack first with your guaranteed +2 favor tome, and eventually swap in overwhelming critical oneday after you get a +3 str tome.

I'm a bit distracted atm, but I'll try draft up a quick build outline in an hour or so. (as a 13rogue/6monk/1fighter)

06-18-2014, 10:02 AM

Use this as a starting guide and make changes to fit what you have available. It should always be the acrobat prototype.

06-18-2014, 10:34 AM
using a 13/6/1 I've run into a stumbling block with an empower healing qualifying build, It's impossible to fit in empower heal and Master of forms without giving up an epic feat slot thanks to BAB issues.

If you like the idea of a 1 fighter splash though this should help you start.

06-19-2014, 05:29 AM
Ok, here's my take in full now I've had time to check it and whack it into a spreadsheet.

The stat breakdown:


As ftd stated, it's going to be a lot more difficult to fit in overwhelming and improved sneak on a build with less tomes, this is just what I have.

Level Progression:


I still like the druid level, I really like having empower healing for coccoon, and it also gets you magical training for free for echoes of power (infinite coccoon), I also like the enhancement setup you can get with the druid splash (7 AP for full wand and scroll mastery which is still useful for the occasional heal scroll to complement coccoon), and Ram's might + Shillelagh (until Sireth or a thunderforged qstaff anyway) are very useful. Theoretically, FvS is more damage if you can get your charisma mod high enough, but it wouldn't be too hard to LR the one level out once you've picked up Sireth and managed to gear up for divine might to outperform Ram's Might. I don't take GTHF until very late if at all, I haven't really missed it too much though, when I'm in a group of enemies, it's very rare that I'm not using cleave/great cleave/momentum swing/lay waste, and given that qstaffs don't proc glancing blows on cleaves, it's not a huuuuge issue.



Obviously if you don't care about vault (I can't live without it), you could swap that and staff lunge out for extra strength or whatever, but the overall setup works really well.

Items you will really want to try and farm while levelling:

Chieftain's Spear (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Chieftain%27s_Spear) - Will last you until

Theurgic Stave (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Theurgic_Stave) - Which will do you pretty well until either

Rahl's Might (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Rahl%27s_Might) or

Stout Oak Walking Stick (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Stout_Oak_Walking_Stick) - This is good enough to last you to cap really, but grabbing either a Thunderforged Alloy or Sireth will be your final goal. I also love having:

Flameward (http://ddowiki.com/page/Item:Flameward) as a quick swap in for casting GH, true seeing, protection from elements, heal, teleport etc. Very easy to get hold of one.

06-19-2014, 06:27 AM
I don't take GTHF until very late if at all, I haven't really missed it too much though, when I'm in a group of enemies, it's very rare that I'm not using cleave/great cleave/momentum swing/lay waste, and given that qstaffs don't proc glancing blows on cleaves, it's not a huuuuge issue.

GTHF is the only feat in the THF chain worth taking. If you don't take GTHF drop the other two feats. Spending 2 feats on +20% damage to glancing blows.

Or spending three feats on +30% damage to glancing blows + an extra glancing blow added into your attack sequence. That extra glancing blow is worth more than the other two feats combined, without it I wouldn't consider the thf feats at all.

Picking up gthf instead of blinding speed is reasonable provided you have enough clickies, personally looking at the feat breakdown, on an 13/6/1 I'd opt for sacrificing empower heal.