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06-17-2014, 09:05 AM
Outside of the "cetus" build, I would like to hear how good or bad iconic based builds post U22 are.

I've gotten some good ideas from people in-game, but I want broader feedback.

I ask this because I haven't made any except a bladeforged, so my experience w/ them is limited, and I have 3 legend toons that are prime candidates to try some new (to me) builds.

I don't have any "final build" plans or goals for these toons. But I do want to run through a few lives to have fun with and get a past life feat or two.


06-19-2014, 03:43 PM
I have only made one iconic toon a shadar-kia 12wizard/7rogue/1fighter; 12 wizard for the shroud of the wraith, fighter for haste boost, 7 rogue for traps and knife specialization. I focused on the dex, con, and int for the attributes. For feats, I took Precision, twfx3, mental toughnessx2, extend, maximize, ic:peircing, dodge, and mobility. Its only a first lifer, but was very survivable. Enhancements can be mixed and matched for tier 5; rogue knife specialization or tier 5 improved shrouding for wizard. I took a couple in race, mechanic, and eldrich knight to round out my enhancements.

I dual wield daggers, wear leather armor, self heal, and am able to get traps. This is not an epic elite build, i don't think. I just got to level twenty and was able to solo many heroic elite quests as long as they did have light spell casters.

You could take one level of monk early on and get monk stances for double strikes(air) or go for improved critical multiplier(mountain), but you would need to replace dodge and mobility with adept of forms, and master of forms.

Hope this helped.

06-19-2014, 04:14 PM
cool, thanks.

Thread needs moar posts

06-23-2014, 01:35 PM
Not sure about post U22; but i have played the following:

Shadar Kai: 13 Rogue, 6 Monk, 1 Fvs. Quarterstaff build. Very fun
Bladeforged: 14 Sorc, 2 Pally, 2 FvS greataxe swinging EK. Also fun god solo
PDK: 18 Cleric, 1 Wiz, 1 Monk (LR+1 required)
Morninglord: 18FvS, 1 Wiz, 1 Monk (my current build - still testing it in Solo EE's) Powerful for those that do not like deep splashes.

06-23-2014, 01:41 PM
Bladeforged: 14 Sorc, 2 Pally, 2 FvS greataxe swinging EK. Also fun god solo

I just started a build similar to this. So far so good.

06-23-2014, 02:28 PM
The EK build was a lot of fun. I did mine when it was first released and prior to SWF. Easy access to displacement and recon were pretty handy. I didn't spend much time at cap on these builds (all those builds were TR's of the same toon). However out of them all, I did the most EE work with the EK.

And correction: god should read as good. Silly phone and bad typing skills.

06-23-2014, 02:50 PM
I've played the following to 28:

Shadar Kai -->7 RANGER, 7 Monk, 6 Rogue
BladeForged -->14 SORC, 4 FVS, 2 Pally
Bladeforged --> 18 Sorc, 2 Pally
PDK --> 8 FIGHTER, 6 Monk, 6 Rogue (Whirlwind/Divine Crusader Build)
Shadar Kai--> WIZARD 7, Monk7, Rogue6
Bladeforged --> Pure Monk (LR+1 required)
Morninglord --> Druid 18, Cleric 2 (Started as a wolf build but ended up as a caster druid, so I'd do 19/1 next time)

All except pure monk were past life builds and all worked fine for that purpose. The wizard one was the weakest link ( it was a bit squishy), but it was the last one before completionist and I didn't want to wait to farm out PM gear to do a more traditional wiz build.

The current build: PDK - 8 FIGHTER/6Monk/6 Rogue (Whirlwind/Divine Crusader Build)
(PDK Past Life+Fighter past life + farming a couple of Divine ERs before doing the iconic true reincarnate).

Is kind of interesting because it has so many feats to play with. Cleave/Great Cleave/Whirlwind/Strike Down is a pretty good combo against any trash(and very good against undead), stun+strike down is a very good combo against orange names and Strike down+Zeal helps get red names into the Sense Weakness range quickly.

The dps isn't up there with legendary while blitzing, but its steady and allows me to run a quest at whatever speed I want rather than feeling like I need to always run to the next kill ASAP... Works much better than trying to bltz in a group.

EDIT: This is my main and hes built and geared to be run as a pure monk... thus building around unarmed fighting whenever possible...

06-23-2014, 03:06 PM
Man i am full of typing flubs today. 14 Sorc, 4 Paladin, 2 FvS

08-21-2014, 12:06 AM
Post U22

PDK 9mnk/9drd/2fgt - Wolf cleave/Gcleave/tier5 cleave (Nw) Stunner/Critter/Surviver winter wolf twf with wraps
PDK 9fgt/9drd/2mnk - same as above, fighter past life x3

Post U23 - Planned

PDK 16fvs/4pal (LR+1) - Full charisma (+cha to hit/dmg) build with SWF+orb and Max/Quic/Emp spells + ED Energy Burst/Soundburst. Planned to farm Epic lifes, works on multiple destinys. Enhancements Aov tier 5 /Defender tier 4(heavy armor). Some on race and warpriest for blur. No need for tomes or past lifes. Cha/Con/Int(skills) can dump the rest. Need alot of Destiny trees unlocked up to tier4.

08-21-2014, 12:37 AM
13sorc/6bard/1fighter - eldrich knight / swashbuckler - cha to damage - just testing this one right now but I think I will be happy with it - only downside i am seeing so far is self healing - heal scrolls are good but a pain in the neck - but will likely be better when i have epic destines open.
18bard/2fighter - swashbuckler - OMG I loved this build - almost kept the toon as this build for life but i wanted to try the sorc/bard combo too much.
17 druid / 2 monk / 1 fighter -> lr'ed into 17 druid / 3 monk - depending on the stats and feats, this one can be a viable caster or wolf druid - though I enjoyed playing it as a wolf the best. Makes it handy for epic tr as it can switch between two fighting modes to reduce boredom

druid/monk/cleric - seem to remember it as 13druid/6monk/1cleric but its been a while - made for a very nice wolf based druid - ability to cast nightshield was really nice (from the 1 cleric)

12fvs/6ranger/2rogue - divine AA trapper - spread everything way too thin but as a completionist and 30odd past lives, she was a lot of fun to play. I liked it so much I did it for a second fvs life.
16wiz/2rogue/2fvs - sharadi spammer - was a very fun build but was only meant for a wizard past life.
13rogue/7bard - swashbucking rogue - haven't tried yet but should be a lot of fun.

While I am sure bladeforged would make many wonderful builds - I am not touching them with a ten foot pole.

08-21-2014, 06:13 AM
Shadar Kai 12/5/3 Rogue/Bard/Wizard Improved Defensive Roll Acrobat/Swashbuckler/Eldritch Knight is a riot

08-21-2014, 08:53 AM
16/3/1 Sorc/bard/fighter PDK- feats make LR'ing to 17/3 a tempting choice, but I think it's still fun to play.
Air savant+swashbuckler+spellsinger+EK
Air savant gives you sla's, +4CL/MCL, +~70 Electric/sonic spell power.
Swash gives you 10% dodge, +6d6 on crit(which will be plenty),
Spellsinger gives you SLA's to cast for a chance at vulnerability, bonus spell points, bonus spell power. W/ sonic dot, that's 3 different dots to stack.
EK is mainly for the eldritch strike and the 3d4 lightning damage on hit.
PDK offers cha-to-damage

08-21-2014, 09:23 AM
Shadar-Kai 12 Bard / 6 Fighter / 2 Rogue Swashbuckler/Kensai. Dex Based with Trap Skills/Buffing/Healing/UMD.