View Full Version : AS (and everything that goes with it)

06-14-2014, 06:50 PM
Current status:
With all those AS stuffs that get added every few updates (dice rolls, saga skipping, chest reroll, ships, ship's buffs etc.) we dont see more AS drop.

What are the AS income?
-MM for 1-3 AS rarely (so not really a lot there), the rare AS diamond drop (never seen one, heard only a few specific quest drop them?)
-Selling on the ASAH (but the person you buy it from took those AS from somewhere too... and I doupt he farmed few hundreds from the MM!
-That is witouth the 30% fee, since the most "reasonable" way to get them is from the shop... Turbine get the money from it, and also charge 30% when you use it to trade around? just... ***? lol, its like double charging!).

So only "good way" to get them is by buying them off the store (Even auctioning, the guy who buy items had to get it from somewhere).

Why change something?
Why Im posting a suggestion? Well, with what is above, you can now add the new buffs and the new ships, biggest one worth 4k AS (which is, in real, a simple pack of digits (ok, quite a few line of codes. but still)) worth 200$. This just seems wrong to me, specially since you cant even farm a part of that price somewhere else.

Add AS in Saga reward, chain reward and in end chest/epic chest (more rare) so there is a way to increase the amount of AS in the game (since the ships will be a huge AS sink!)