View Full Version : Twitch play Bear form for 5 cleave attacks quicker than wolf.

06-12-2014, 02:18 AM
Not an exploit.
Twitch play is just cutting animation sequences short and in Bear form the attack sequence is way too slow.
Bear can't tank, so if you are a real Druid Bear form fanatic like me, 8 Druid, 12 Monk is the best.
It is a real shame, but it seems DDO put very little workable updates for Bear form, which has seen it become a laughable piece of fluff, and in my opinion an embarrassment to the great work that has been done in DDO.
It is high time the Bear form was reworked to offer something other than myself having to invent ways to make it viable for EE content.

Spells and abilities after 8 Druid for bear form are gimp compared to the extra Monk levels for a perfect synergy of big hitting, big saves, big evasion, big hit points, self heals etc.

How do you do it?
It's easy.

You need the feats Cleave and Greater Cleave.
You will need Alpha strike from the enhancement line.

Hot bar : Cleave, Greater Cleave, Alpha Cleave.

Enter combat.
As the bear goes to stand up, hit Cleave. The bear will do 2 " Rake " style attacks.
As the bear goes to stand again after the 2 rakes, hit Greater Cleave ( Cleave will be on cool down )
The bear will again do 2 Rake attacks and go to stand, when it starts to stand, hit Alpha Strike for another 2 rakes.
( Cleave is now off cool down )-~ Greater and Alpha are on cool down.

Bear goes to stand, hit Cleave for the 2 rakes, if you have done it correctly, Greater cleave will just be coming off cool down for your 5th Cleave attack in a row.
Congratulations you have just bypassed the slowest attack sequence in game.
These are also AOE.

My Bear hits target dummy for 2K crits, 5K crits with basic ship buffs. 9K crits with bard buffs.
8 druid 12 monk is where it's at if you plan on playing strictly Bearform.
Wild fury, stack adrenaline, damage boost and hit your Alpha strike for huge crits.
Of course there are other advantages from 12 Monk, but you can find that out for yourself. :)

By the way Alpha strike is not working properly, if it was this would be over 30k - 100k crits~ Don't think it will ever work as intended.
Bear offers massive survivability with 12 Monk.
Purple Dragon Knight gives the biggest Dire Bear.
The cost to find out that Bladesworn doesn't......$200 USD.