View Full Version : Wizards need help..

06-04-2014, 06:20 AM
Tier 5 Eldritch Knight is garbage. The expensive AOE to prone things is laughable.. You're a wizard.. You have spells that do WAY better stuff than that. And Tensers clicky that lowers your DC and DOUBLES SPELL CASTING TIME!? No thank you. I understand the build concept.. Melee focused Caster. That's cool and all, it's what I'm playing right now. But there are WAY better ways to do that then gimping your DCs and spending way too many AP points on useless abilities. Oh, sure.. I could go Pale Master and be all spooky and ****.. OOOoooOoooo. But alas, I'd rather not die to a camera flash. Oh and not be able to heal myself for squat.. I've been in LOTS of PUGs lately with Pale Masters that tend to drop like flies... This leaves Archmage.. Increasing DCs a bit helps, and arcane supremacy isn't thaaat bad..some of the SLAs are decent..except for the Arcane Blast line.. WHAT WHERE YOU THINKING?! Put Metas on them and call it a day... No? Gimp them into useless junk? Okay!

No seriously, back in the day you could pick two Archmage paths and get the SLAs from both. This was livable and good.. I could be a happy CC Wizard and Web/Hold things all over the place and not worry about my SP being drained. Or even go Evo and Ench and be actually useful. WHYYY did they have to change this!?

So that brings me to today. I'm playing a Warforged 1 fighter 2 rogue 17 wizard.. zero PM ap points, Tier 5 Archmage barely and little into EK and am currently at a lose as to what to put any points in as they all seem lackluster options.. All I use is Web SLA(DC 36 at 14) and 2h cleave/great cleave..and a fireball/wf once in awhile. With very little use of the actual Eldritch Knight tree. This isn't the life of a wizard :( and a 5th wizard life at that..