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05-15-2014, 03:59 PM
Hi Welcome

Just an announcement to know that Firefly (level1117 guild) is recruiting players of ALL skill levels and interests to join. We also may be interested in one or more mergers with other guilds.

We are NOT interested in levels 150-200 so it is not important that new recruits have any specific minimum activity level, and we are not limiting recruitment to experienced endgame players. We do not run raids as a guild at the moment and have no specific plans to do so, but if enough people join and are active at similar times and have interest, I am happy to run and/or teach any of the raids in the game.

We may be a good fit for you if you:
1. want to be in a guild with experienced players/officers who know the details of most aspects of the game
2. want a guild without any specific rules/requirements/conditions about your play-style, times, or activity
3. are friendly and do not generate any drama with other guild members or other guilds
4. are mostly self sufficient and not planning on reliance on others for your gaming enjoyment
5. do not have any delicate sensibilities that could be offended by adult language or any other aspect of game play or anything else
6. agree that concerns about what any guild member is or is not doing can and should be dealt with by the guild officers (which usually involves ZERO punishment), and NOT EVER by reporting problems you have with people or what they are doing or failing to do to Turbine, posting grievances on forums, or generating drama in any other way.

This also should be fair warning to other Argo folks who have come to rely (or not) on Firefly guild members having a certain skill level due to our -up to now- fairly selective guild recruiting policy that you should judge new Firefly members individually and not in context of prior members, since we plan on recruiting and (hopefully) training some newbs to be better players over time.

If you are interested talk to any guild officer (most current members are officers), and if your guild is interested in a merger then please speak to me (Xadin/Shmuel/Errand)

Thanks all have a nice day!

08-23-2014, 01:53 PM
We're still recruiting!

I'd love to get enough people to get some guild raids going on a regular basis.