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05-14-2014, 03:41 AM
I find that every time I run this quest I need to teach the group this method, or we just end up with a big mess. so figured it was time to write a guide. enjoy :)

before entering - be sure to have an arcane that can cast haste. this isn't mandatory and the strategy works just as well without one, but being able to haste the furniture makes the quest so much easier, that going in without a haster is really just asking for trouble.

so let's assume everything goes according to plan, you've killed everything and reached the library fighting the mimic. at this point he'll start running away. DON'T chase. I know he's asking for it, but it's a pointless pursuit. have one member chase him just to keep him moving along, the rest can (and should) wait in the library.

once the chase ends and the mimic begins his monologue, the chaser should turn back and head to the library at once. When the mimic is done talking the mobs will spawn, and you want to have everyone together in the library when that happens.

now the fun starts :)

[1] Start moving shelves, working your way from the back of the room to the door. this will make the shelves move clumped together as a single group, and easier to defend.

[2] Haste the shelves

[3] When the shelves are moving, have 2 people go in the side rooms and start moving beds. Ideally you'll see the beds join the clumped shelves, but if not don't worry about it too much.

[4] Haste the beds as well

simple enough, you should now have a single group of hasted furniture moving stacked together. the most important thing at this point is to protect the shelves. it's OK if a few beds take a hit (and a few usually do), but you mustn't lose a shelf. shelves move slower than beds, and have the longest road to travel (library --> spaceship) so losing a shelf really sucks. try to avoid it.

when moving the furniture, don't bother clearing the entire path. the mobs will respawn by the time you get to the end room anyways.
just clear the few mobs that are just ahead of your furniture, and whatever mobs spawn at your back. This tactic is made possible because the furniture move together, so you're not trying to defend everywhere at once.

you should ideally be in the end room now, with just a handful of beds missing (those who died along the way). you'll find a few beds in the shrine room. usually those would be enough to launch you, and voila you're done!

NOTE! If you're missing more than 3 beds, DON'T use the shrine room beds just yet. those should only be used to launch you.
instead, get your party together in the spaceship room, move together to the bedroom, and repeat steps 1-4.
don't run off alone, stay together and simply make another furniture run. the secret to the quest is keeping your party and the furniture as tight as possible.

that's it, hope you'll find this useful.
good luck :)