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05-12-2014, 04:55 AM
I have always wanted to play an Elminster style build as inspired by the FR novels that narrate the adventures of Elminster as a young chosen of Mystra (read them as a teenager). That is, before he was godlike. In case you are not familiar with the books, Elminster used a combination of magic, swordmanship and cunning in his adventures. I always thought that in an environment so unforgiving as DDO s endgame this would be impossible. However, after seeing Shoikan s warpriest, I decided to give it a try again. At this point, this is theory crafting, so every single suggestion / any feedback will be welcome. I do intent to TR my main melee into this, so do help me make the most out of it.

Goals and constraints of the build

1. Magic and sword - it has to use both and their synergies as much as possible.

2. Not a robot - even though I do think it would be the best choice for the build, this is a semi flavor build and Elminster was not a freaking robot!

3. EE semi capable - shouldn-t be a pure liability to any group it joins. That is, should bring more than scaling!

The basics

Variant 1: Wizzard, FVS, rogue

This would be a staff build.

Abilities (I am using +3 tomes on all stats)

STR 14 + some lvl ups
CON 16
INT 18 + some lvl ups
CHA 12


10 Wizzard, 4 FVS, 6 rogue

10 Wizzard

Archmage crit enhancements
Archmage missile SLAs
Insightful reflexes


Crit enhancement line to spells: although it won-t be casting all the time, 8% additional crit chance is pretty powerful.
Healing spells: melees need burst healing. A metamagic enhanced cure moderate wounds will not be SP efficient or the best choice. But ruling out reconstruct, I still think it can save the day when complemented with cocoon. -- Out of flavor constraints, a priori I wouldn-t go PM. --- Having second thoughts...
Just rewards: coupled with high crit chance it means a good source of SP.


Staff enhancements, including up to the staff specialization


1 human - maximize
7 level ups - power attack, cleave, g cleave, quicken, empower, empower healing, improved critical blunt
3 epic feats - epic reflexes, OC?, insightful reflexes
2 epic destiny - ruin, ?

Variant 2: Fewer rogue levels, more FVS

10 Wizzard, 8 FVS, 2 rogue

This options comes with much better survivability (healing spells) and better arcane damage (more crit chances) but worse physical damage. The issue is that the more it goes into magic, it seems to make less sense to even try to melee.

Epic destinies

The primary ED would be Shiradi. The idea of the gameplay would be to go through a rotation of cleaves, eldritch strikes and various magic missiles.

Twists - Energy burst, cocoon, unearthy reactions.



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Reserved, updated OP.