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05-02-2014, 04:13 PM
Please install a way for us to make (and change in game) decisions about leveling up prior to actually hitting the level. If we can choose feats and skills before we hit level we don't have to stop playing to take 20-30 minutes to remember which build we were trying to make, we can just accept changes we have already decided on when we visit a trainer. This would cut down on stupid mistakes people make while leveling up. In my experience people level up while they are in party between adventures and under pressure to hurry. If you are a beginner that is a recipe for mistakes. Established players do extensive research on builds but will forget to take detailed notes, don't remember these choices over the life of a toon and thereby forget what to select. Elite players will know by past experience what they want, but it will help them as well by making the leveling process faster. As things stand now it is easier to grind for xp and then Lesser Reincarnate to the real character you want (because you can make all the choices at the same time and you don't have to play the character build through, instead just tr for the final version of the character you want?).

This feature could (alter/replace/enhance/incorporate the little used "path" system or) be added as an optional "character planning" section, connected to the character sheet or just embedded in the trainers software mechanic. It would be must helpful if it included multi-classing abilities, I guess that argues for it to be a feature of the character sheet not embedded in the trainers features. Additionally, characters come with automatically granted feats it would be great if beginners could tell what their character will get at each level as you level up, beginners don't know this. This might be a good place to include this kind of information.

This feature is kinda like planning your college education except with lots of dying and being reborn. Do it right the first time dying hurts.

05-09-2014, 03:59 PM
While the idea of pre-loading a build file or manually inputting one into an interface at creation seems like a very convenient idea, I just don't see it happening.

Take, for example, a multiclassed character; forced to level because cap was hit between adventures, runs to the trainer - but wait! Are they supposed to hit rogue this level or monk? What happens if they go to the wrong trainer? That would require an error check to be scripted into each trainer. In addition, there are factors between each level that could affect the automatic progression of leveling; for example, when the character was built, he/she had a 12 base STR and didn't qualify for Power Attack, but ate a tome last level and now does - can the player then "interrupt" the automatic build progression, and if so, would that invalidate the pre-established build?

Not to mention that, even if implemented for use as intended, the possibility for numerous glitches would abound. (I.e. "I'm supposed to take rogue this level, but went to the barbarian one instead, now I have all the rogue specs but also got extra barbarian HP and Uncanny Dodge too!") Not to imply that the devs wouldn't code and playtest to the best of their ability, but a design team of so many people does not trump the hackery power of thousands of meta-power-gamers.

I do, however, like the idea of an in-game automatic feat progression notification. That would be wonderful for characters who are automatically granted feats as a reminder to "hey, don't take XYZ feat, you'll get it at level MNO" or something to the same effect. Perhaps a note in the tooltip - "Auto-Granted to Class X at level Y."

05-09-2014, 04:15 PM
Those checks are already built into the game. If you choose a default path at creation, every time you take a level you'll get a warning if you try and take a level in the wrong class. Same concept for this idea, presumably.

If Ron & co can build a character planner, so can the DDO staff. It would be so awesome to be able to plan out and save builds, and then just go to the trainer and have it auto-select all your choices for you. Ah, to dream a dream.