View Full Version : Combine buff-buffing enhancements, then put SLAs in the Spellsinger tree

04-22-2014, 02:34 PM
It seems to me that the spellsinger tree is too cluttered with buffs. Now, buffing is something that bards are good at, but there must be a limit to everything. It would be good if the devs could give bards more options for dealing actual damage to enemies, not just helping party members do the same.

1) Combine "Wand & Scroll Mastery" with "Wand Heightening". Every other class has these two enhancements combined, and this one shouldn't be any different.

2) Combine "Flicker" and "Inspired Flicker". Considering that the invisibility only lasts 2/4/6 seconds, and is only useful if the enemy is using a ranged weapon, it might be good to change the effect to some kind of dodge, concealment or incorporeality bonus.

3) Combine "Enthrallment" with the Fascinate feat. Now that bards have the "Haunting Melody" enhancement, the penalties from this enhancement aren't as useful as they used to be. I would suggest making "Enthrallment" a passive enhancement that adds the "chance to break free when damaged" functionality to Fascinate.

4) Combine "Reviving Verse" and "Raucous Refrain". It might be better to change the save bonus to a general fortitude save bonus.

5) Combine "Spellsong Trance" and "Song of Arcane Might". The durations are the same, and both give a similar bonus. Also might be a good idea to add a morale bonus to max caster level, as well.

6) Combine "Spell Penetration" and "Arcane Aid". Personally, I dislike spending extra AP on a bonus that I can't grant to my own character.

Now, if all of these suggestions were followed, there would be five empty spaces in the Spellsinger tree. You could put SLAs there, and possibly some caster level bonuses. Allow players to choose between enchantment and evocation SLAs.

04-22-2014, 09:33 PM
Another concern with spellsinger is the cores THREE of them only add a single mosnter type to fascinate...this should be ONE core (probably 6 or 12) called versatile performance that adds a handful of monster types.