View Full Version : Best Epic Arcane Past life feat for a Cleric?

04-17-2014, 01:41 PM
The toon will remain a cleric.

Energy criticals is usually my go-to for a caster, but only a couple spells on a cleric (fire based) would benefit.

Enchant weapon would add three points to whatever implement bonus.

Arcane alacrity increases the speed of my heals (mainly) and my other DC-based spells.

What have you done, and what do you reccommend?

04-17-2014, 06:40 PM
Because there were many views to this thread, but no responses, I went ahead and posted in the general discussion. In case anyone ever has the same question and searches here for the answer, here are the two best (IMHO) opinions from the general discussion:

I did Colours of the Queen only on mine.
It's essentially 9 implement spell power versus 6 seconds on Implosion cooldown.
I would pick Enchant if I had will/time for more ETRs on cleric ( it's 2 months or 21 mill xp, and no raiding, inventory space for levelling gear, no first time or streaks , meh ).

Doubt Energy Criticals works for positive energy spells Rest, if yes, it's probably not wai anyway.
Don't know how would test it, since "effects" log would say something like "sonic or rust" spellpower.

Arcane Epic Past Life Feats

Energy Critical: +3% Critical chance on Acid, Cold, Electric, Fire, and Sonic Spells per Epic Past Life

This is great for a caster that uses multiple energy types, however, divines only benefit from the Fire. But if you combine this with the Divine Crusader ED and liberal use of the fire based spells

Enchant Weapon: Your mainhand equipped weapon gains +1 enhancement bonus per Enchant Weapon past life feat

This adds +1 to +3 to your spell power when used with spell implement, Melee to-hit/damage. This all stacks with Enchant Weapon of the Artificer. By far this is the most flexible of the Divine Epic Past Lives.

Arcane Alacrity: Cooldowns on your spells are reduced by 3%. Additional stacks of Arcane Alacrity past life increases this to 6% and then 10%.

The value in this is in reducing the time between casting of a spell. But how much a cooldown on a spell is valuable depends more on playstyle - Keep in mind this is cooldown and not casting speed.

Based on this I personally took the Enchant Weapon option.