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04-11-2014, 10:54 AM
Just some basics. I’ve always loved playing Clerics in Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve now seen in DDO people who play a healerbot. I think this is a waste and doesn’t do a Cleric justice. There also seem to be some folks out there who are Clerics yet refuse to heal. I cannot for my life understand why anyone would do that either. In my opinion, if you want to play Cleric you should make every attempt to utilize the full potential of your character, both offensively & defensively. Please note: I’m not a guru or the greatest out there but I think I may be able to help some people out.

Here are some Hoglum tips on success at playing a Cleric.

Whether you play as a caster cleric or a battle cleric – no matter. Yes, there are differences. For one, I believe the aura on a battle cleric is more valuable than one on a caster but let’s put all that aside. The point here is that whichever you choose to play – don’t forget to take care of the party!

1. Treat playing Cleric as if you’re driving a car. The hit point bars are the rear view mirror. Watch where you are and use the map to see if anyone has strayed off. Awareness is crucial. Glance frequently at the rear view mirror. You can keep steering, working the peddles, shifting (AKA fighting, casting, etc.) yet still heal & help all at the same time. If someone’s HP bar is low, hit the F1-6 key of that character & heal. This will not interrupt your other activities much. You can continue fighting, etc. without missing much. If you focus on someone who is in trouble & heal yourself, they are out of range. Since you are aware of what is happening on the map, you can run in the direction of whoever got pulled away from the party. Save that person. One caveat: if everyone is running amock all over, all bets are off – I’m talking about people who play as a team here so let’s keep that assumption moving forward. Obviously, if a group decides to split up such as in wizard king to take a tower, this won’t apply.

2. Be aware of what icons are over people’s heads. Have a hotbar with wands of cure blindness, remove curse, remove disease, neutralize poison, and restoration. I put these cures in the same order on every character & they are alphabetized so I know exactly where each one is at all times – blind (B), curse (C), disease (D), etc. Between each wand, put a stack of potions. Use wands for your team, potions for yourself (if you need to take care of your own thing in a hurry). Generally speaking you can cure curses, diseases & poison between fights. Things you should help out with immediately are: blindness, ORANGE curses, and restoring. You may not be able to see stat damage so if you’re in a dungeon you know has lots of stat damage occurs, ask the party to tell you if they have any.

3. Pet’s. In the options you can turn on a function where you can see people’s wolves and robot dogs. Take care of them too. I haven’t seen many people who do but they can be valuable to the party. Once you see their HP bar they are easily accessed by hitting “CTRL + F(number of the player who owns the pet)”. The robot dogs are hard to heal but an amped up heal spell will still generally do the trick.

4. If things go bad, BACK OFF, get to a safe position – and *HEAL* like there’s nothing else. While I don’t believe in just healing as a Cleric, there are circumstances where the best thing you can do is simply keep everyone alive. Embrace it, do it, & do it well. It feels really good when several people in a party say after a fight, “wow, good job Cleric I thought we were done for there!”

5. Scrolls: keep these scrolls handy and in abundance: restoration (& greater), raise dead, & heal. Also keep 3-4 wands of each cure critical, serious & moderate wounds. These are good for topping people off between fights. If you don’t have money yet, turn in “Wavecrasher Manifests”. For low level people without much money this can help supply cure moderate wounds wands until building up some wealth.

6. Negative levels: If someone in the party takes neg levels hit them with: greater restoration, a heal of some sort to max up the hit points, then death ward to prevent further neg levels. If you don’t have time to read a scroll of restoration, get near that person and hit a radiant blast, then cast death ward. Beholders are a bit different but I can’t help with that because I usually run away and let my GF (the beholder slayer!) deal with them. Haha!

7. Death: When you lose someone, first make sure everyone else is taken care of. If things are too busy, wait until the fight is under control (meaning that nobody else is imminently about to die. If the rest of the party are handling themselves, break off and scroll them up (if things are busy, a quickened raise will do better, especially if you’re in danger of missing a concentration check). If a multiple people are down, first raise the one you think has the best healing capability themselves or could potentially raise dead & help revive the party. Once someone accepts the raise, heal them (unless you used a powerful spell such as true resurrection). Once they are healed, immediate hit them with Protection from Elements. If there is a specific element being thrown around in the fight a lot (such as fire in Enter the Kobold), hit them with resist as well. The protection from elements gives a small buffer for the other player to regain their composure and get back in the fight. Depending on what you are fighting you might want to hit them with death ward and perhaps freedom of movement too. The tendency I've seen is that when someone dies the first time it gets easier to die the second time - help give them a chance to get back into it.

8. People who can’t heal themselves. Some other players may not have or they may run out of supplies to take care of themselves. Most of my healing wands, potions, and scrolls tend to be guild bought. They are bound! Make sure you have at least some supplies you can trade. See the lists above for ideas. Here are some I think are important: potions of cure serious, remove curse, remove disease, lesser restoration. In certain dungeons such as A New Invasion this can be the difference between success and failure. If someone runs out of remove curse potions it can get real ugly real fast. Using this example I’ll ask if everyone has remove curse. I’ll even ask people to make room in their main hotbar and make sure they have them accessible in a quick way. It gets exceedingly difficult to take care of a situation where orange curse are following by high damage. If people chug a potion as soon as they receive the curse, your cure is much more likely to land. If they don’t, you run the risk of losing the heal spell points, missing the heal, then having to take care of the curse and heal again. I’ve lost people because of this. Moral: sharing some supplies can help take the heat off you in tight circumstances. Wizard King mummy rot, devil curses, etc. Of course, this doesn’t apply if you’re poor but by high level most people should be able to afford some extra supplies. Keeping some unbound healing supplies not only helps the party – it can help you too.

9. One last thing I’ll throw in just for fun since I was talking about supplies. On all my characters I try to have a stack of +5 theives tools. You never know if the rogue forgot to stock up!

Anyhow, I’m tired of typing & there’s probably more I could say but these are some things I’ve worked on in order to play an effective cleric. I can generally fight, cast, etc. yet still help out those in need. I’d like to see people ditch the ideas of healerbot and battle cleric who is stingy with heals. That serves no purpose. The good part is that it helps keep the game fun. Make it a challenge to yourself to cause some damage, wreak some havoc upon thy foes, & keep your party alive in the process!

Clerics rock!

04-11-2014, 11:09 AM
1. Target Teh_Troll

2. Press "Hjeal"

04-11-2014, 11:29 AM
This is very good advice for people who want to be considered good healers.

I don't personally care to be considered a "good" healer; I'm fine with being "tolerable." I absolutely refuse to remove other people's blindness, poison, disease, etc. I'm sorry, but the potions are easily available and it's so much easier if everyone just takes care of their own status issues. I'll happily use a Greater Restoration scroll if someone loses their Death Ward and gets neg leveled -- that can be tough for non-divines to do on their own. But the minor things? No way. I would much rather let them die.

The obvious exception is healing a single tank against an enemy who curses them -- that's a really rare situation these days, but it's s situation where we're both better off if I'm the one to deal with removing curses while they deal with using their abilities to maintain aggro.

I also don't believe in keeping everyone alive. It's great when it happens, but if someone squishy draws too much aggro and has no way to mitigate the damage, I'm not going to shed any tears if they die. I'll res and re-buff when the danger's gone.

04-11-2014, 01:48 PM
Good advice for healers indeed.

I play healers, since early 2010. The advice I like to give:

A) Healing Priority:
1) Yourself: Dead healers heal no one.
2) The Living: Don't let the living die because you were overly concerned with raising someone who is already dead. Better to wait and raise the dead after the fight than to miss a critical heal and let the entire party die. That said, if you feel the rest of the party will be safe while you do it then raise the dead person (be prepared to rebuff them as needed.)
3) The Dead: Ok if you waited for the fight to be over now is the time to raise them.

B) Let Them Stay Dead: If you have a member of the party who dies repeatedly then there comes a point where raising them is a drain, and as above it can lead to missing a critical heal that lets others die. Leaving someone dead until a fight is over is not a disservice if it helps you the healer keep the rest of the party alive.

C) Buy Supplies: Potions and Scrolls and Wands. They will help you conserve spell points for when you really need those spell points.

D) Ask Others to Use Their Blue Bars: Paladins and Rangers especially; many of them won't be using their blue bars once they start fighting. Ask them to cast any Resist Energy spells needed for those who died or whose ship buffs have worn off; ask the rangers and druids to cast Freedom of Movement. If they complain, remind them that by saving you spell points you will have more spell points for healing during the fights, when your healing is needed most.

E) Use Potions Over Scrolls and Wands Where You Can: If you want to remove a curse, remove blindness, remove disease or remove poison then use potions. They have the advantage that you do not have to equip them to use them; wands must be equipped, which takes an action which takes time. However the potions do need to be on a short cut bar to use this way; target the person in need and then click the potion short cut and it's done. Now, as Cardtrick above says in so many words, it is a good thing if you get the others to cure themselves of many afflictions that are curable by potion as the four removes listed above. Taking even the short time to remove the blindness or curse or other affliction on a player is a moment that you might have cast a cure on them or the rest of the party, a moment that you might lose someone if the damage is coming in fast.

F) Your Build: Many ways to build a healer, but when it comes to choices that affect your hit points and when it comes to your gear - hit points hit points hit points, the more the merrier. Why? Because dead healers heal no one. If you must choose between more spell points and more hit points then choose more hit points; if you run out of spell points you can drink a mnemonic elixir (expensive but available) or use scrolls and wands; if you run out of hit points you're dead...and dead healers heal no one.

04-11-2014, 01:59 PM
Ive never played a cleric, but 90% of your description applies to how I play my ranger. I range, I melee, I heal. I got enough healing power keep a tank up in most situations. Miiror comes to mind, been running HH alot in pugs lately and that fight is most often best done with one person keeping agro. I like helping others. I like been the best team player I can be. Cacoon ftw!

04-11-2014, 02:54 PM
Here's an important one I forgot. Make sure you're on target! EVEN IF YOU ARE HEALING YOURSELF! You are F1 - use it. I've died several times because I'm healing the UNDEAD I'm fighting instead of healing Hoglum. Any time you're unaware of who you're targeting you risk missing a heal. If you are unaware, re-target.

Also, while I'm on the subject target rogues while they are trapping & have a heal ready. Run interference for Wizards & perhaps even consider intimidating for them. Blind enemies for your Rogues - that new SLA rules for this purpose.

04-11-2014, 05:34 PM
I'm really bad at using the Function keys to target party members. On my healing-capable characters I put a vertical hot bar (or two or three) next to the party list so I can click on a character and the appropriate spell/scroll/etc. When things get crazy - especially in a raid - all I need to do is short mouse movements between the party list and the nearby hot bars. And if I'm not moving I'm shield blocking. A tripped cleric doesn't heal much either.

04-11-2014, 05:59 PM
Some comments for you Hoglum :)

1. Potions of Remove Blindness, Remove Fear, Remove Curse, Poison Neutralization, Lesser Restoration bought from house Kundarak (Liquid Charm) , Marketplace or House Jorasko (Featherfall's Apothecary) except for UNBOUND also include funnels to target allies. So, a cleric (and any other character) can cure an ally from those things with only a click on the pot from the hotbar.
I always carry unbound pots for these in stacks of {10, 20, 100, 100, 100} respectively (how many times do you expect to be blinded?)

2. Scrolls of Raise Dead are minimum level 7 and scrolls of resurection are minimum level 11. So a cleric can raise from level 7 and resurect targets at level 11. I don't even prepare the spells on my clerics. Also: always use resurection when in fight. Raising the target with less than half hitpoints is sure re-death. (some abbot runs taught me that - even prepped true resurection for that)

3. Scrolls of Heal are the way to go when healing is minimum. Never use sp if situation isn't pressing.

04-11-2014, 07:19 PM
1. Don't use Spell Point Healing outside of combat

Healing through Spell points is your fastest healing source, using Spell points to heal party members outside of combat means these spell points are not available in combat. Clerics have other options be they scrolls and wands, Aura/Burst Healing from the RS Tree

2. An ounce of Prevention > a pound of cure

Use buffs wisely, each point of damage that can be absorbed by a buff means less resources needed to heal. Make sure your party members have the resistances they need, very few quests have more than 2 elements for resistance, most have a single element. The goal is to learn to buff just right, not over or under. I carry appropriate level resist wands to cover for no SP on rebuffs as deaths sometimes happen.

--As a party member respect the person that can give you healing during combat by getting resistance through House P, Ship or gear (Swappable item)

3. Know your parties healing amplification

This will allow you to adjust to the right spells to help keep your party members alive. There is no need to cast a 1K Heal on a 400 HP character when you could have saved the Spell points by using a different spell or a non-meta'd version to be able to cast 3 spells for the same SP cost

4. Use the Meta magic settings on your hotbar

Set the spell on your hotbars versions with different metas turned on/off, use this to help cast the right amount of healing for the right amount of SP, or even the right offensive spell for the right damage - example Divine Punishment for cost savings the first 2 stacks should not be meta'd but the third stack should for extra damage

Additionally this allows you to set a Quickened spell bar - Quickened is not needed 100% of the time, each time you cast a quickened spell that did not need a concentration check you are wasting Spell points you could use to cast any other spell.

5. Don't be afraid to tell someone they are costing you to many resources

We have all met these people, the ones that take on the whole dungeon and think everyone else should just keep them up. Put your foot down, there are other party members and most likely can do the same job and cost the party fewer resources.

6. Don't get upset with yourself if people die

Everyone is responsible for their play style and for staying alive. Some groups can be a challenge to run with, especially those that think they are entitled to the divines blue bar, but at the same time don't be a jerk about helping a party member. However, Sometimes it is a good idea to leave a person dead for a while. I have on more than one occasion had a Party Leader ask me not to raise someone that was going against the plan the PL set out, and have complied. It was better for the rest of the party.

04-12-2014, 06:16 AM
It's not that I specifically disagree with your advice. A lot of it is good advice.

But I sure disagree with saying it's Cleric advice. It's the same for everyone. The Fighter should be watching the Cleric's red bar just as much as the other way around. That's REAL teamwork. Yes, it takes some practice and a bit of skill to get to that point (a lot of newbies won't have that right away), but everyone should be paying attention to what's going on and helping their party succeed.

Please don't perpetuate the notion that Clerics have to pay attention to everything while everyone else gets a free pass to just auto-attack while ignoring everything.

04-12-2014, 06:39 AM
Just some basics. I’ve always loved playing Clerics in Dungeons & Dragons. I’ve now seen in DDO people who play a healerbot. I think this is a waste and doesn’t do a Cleric justice. There also seem to be some folks out there who are Clerics yet refuse to heal. I cannot for my life understand why anyone would do that either. In my opinion, if you want to play Cleric you should make every attempt to utilize the full potential of your character, both offensively & defensively.


Clerics rock!

I completely agree with all of this...to people who have gone away for clerics because of bad raids and ignorant people etc etc...the current byoh mindset of epics makes it a pleasure to pug, and people are much more grateful to get healing than they were 2 or 3 years ago ;)

04-12-2014, 10:09 AM
To a large degree I agree! But since FTP came about - a lot of things have gone to the gutter. My dear friend Togar got me into being a cleric and I loved it ever since. For me - most of this is 'normal' and 'logical' but since FTP I know that doesn't go for 'everyone.' I remember way back when - when almost no quest was done unless the party had a cleric or some type of healer. I am a decent cleric and like it and to me - more importantly I use to find it challenging to keep the party/raid alive! Back then too - most of the players donated to the clerics. Especially when the Shroud first came out (and this was before FvS and Mana Pots where a necessity). Back then many people actually knew the costs of having to play a cleric; and knew the importance of having a good cleric. Apparently many of the raids aren't run very much anymore in PUG's - from what I've heard no one takes the time to learn them. A few days ago I found myself in Reavers Bane? The Giant Hold Raid; I was playing my Ranger and it seemed to be two guilds running it. When I got in they already started it - and it was totally apparent that no one knew how to run it, although one did know the puzzle very well. I tried to chime in but 'they didn't want to hear' me. I remember when this Raid first came out and we had to guess as to even get to the next stage and then how to solve the puzzle. We got tips from various guilds how to finally complete it. Anyway - a guildie came in and we talked in guild chat. The raid failed and they wanted to do it yet again. I asked my guildie to chime in and he did. They finally accepted his advice. Since there wasn't a 'real tank' besides my ranger I took his shield and played the 'tank role'; got fly after what seemed a very long time for all the globes to spin - and went for the switch. They where skeptical about my character/my abilities and my guildie finally told them that I had done it a million times and failed maybe twice to hit the switch (although I seem to remember 3 times! The very first 3 times any of my characters tried and the 3rd day after the raid went live!). As I went up I gave advice and surprisingly 2 of them where asking questions! But just after Amrath came out I had to leave the game for a while and just recently came back; so sadly I don't know much about the knew content.

My Cleric "Cad" was born in 2007 as a Drow. So I'm going to finally TR him after I get him some gear. I found it surprising how powerful his healing was before spending any points on enhancements and much more so after spending them all. And even more so when I used the Lesser HoW and got all the enhancements. I'm probably going to TR him into a Half-Elf Cleric with Wizard Del then swap those out later. I've already been playing with those Half-Elf Del's and love them - especially for the heroic stuff. I've already used the +20 HoW to switch him to a Wizard for the Spell Pen. I actually find it sad that many people have said that "people find clerics useless if they don't kill stuff." But such as the game goes! I've attempted to build quite a few "Battle Clerics" - but never really succeeded; actually I never really found one that I found 'fun to play', but those where in the early days. With all these new and powerful enhancements I should find one to my liking! :) I've been leaning towards an 'evoker'(?). I remember when FvS first came out - there was this one guy - his characters name was Zane or some toilet mfg company's name (YES! That's how I remember him: "Toilet Manufacter's name"). He'd greater command the mobs, then run them through his BB! lol The only problem he had was with Mob Bosses. Back then you couldn't rez yourself, but now-a-days you can with at least a wizard I think. But I'm hearing and reading that using light spells is the way to go.

05-19-2014, 12:38 PM
A different set of healing Tips from an old healer

1. Look at hp bars/ map more than you look at the main screen area.

2. It is the party member's responsibility to tell you if they need a restore, remove curse, etc. Watching their heads is a pain and some things don't show that way. DDO isn't designed for you to easily notice this. If they want help with anything, they will tell you. It is acceptable to announce that you have buffs/ cures upon request at the beginning of the pug.

3. If someone has a pet, let it be a drain on their resources. Pets are rarely helpful except to take agro off someone/ pull levers. They attack things they shouldn't and take a lot of extra damage. The visual for the hp bars with the pets causes eyestrain for many people.

4. If things go FUBAR, have enough hp to jump over the party and burst before backing off to heal somewhere safe.

5. Wands are expensive and have a terrible cool down timer. Use scrolls when you first start to see the run going bad. This will save your mana for later and prevent pot usage. heal and cure mass moderate as well as raise dead and any buff you have enough UMD to cast on yourself. Teleport is awesome.

6. Every burst will remove 1D4 negative levels as an aoe. Greater restoration removes all negative levels, and you are better off bursting than using a plain restoration.

7. Alive people first. If everyone is beating on something in a group, target the lowest hp player OR whoever is taking the most damage. That way you can give them an extra heal in the middle of casting masses.

8. Charity depends on your situation. I'm for it.

9. expect people to die. write off the 10% before you even start. Unless you were up getting refills, web surfing, or chatting in channel, it isn't your fault.

10. If someone is costing too many resources and keeps dying, it is acceptable to pick up his stone and rez him somewhere safe...like at the end chest.

11. If you would want someone to help you, help them. Don't refuse to heal other divines, druids, etc.

05-19-2014, 12:54 PM
2. Scrolls of Raise Dead are minimum level 7 and scrolls of resurection are minimum level 11. So a cleric can raise from level 7 and resurect targets at level 11. I don't even prepare the spells on my clerics. Also: always use resurection when in fight. Raising the target with less than half hitpoints is sure re-death. (some abbot runs taught me that - even prepped true resurection for that)

Can't rez in combat from scroll, quickened rez is required, unless you avoid all mobs like a plague.

3. Scrolls of Heal are the way to go when healing is minimum. Never use sp if situation isn't pressing.

Use renewal or cocoon or burst for minor damage, scrolls are really outdated (150 or 200HP depends on ur scroll damage amp and target healing amp).
They should top themselves out of combat and after having small injuries.

05-19-2014, 02:05 PM
Can't rez in combat from scroll, quickened rez is required, unless you avoid all mobs like a plague.
There's time where I will take on mobs, and there's time where I will avoid everything.
In those abbot runs I'm talking about I kept running around all the time. Sure, invisible mobs were hitting me, but that's what concentration is for, right? If someone is hitting me for <25 damage, I have no problem casting the scroll. As I said though, there are some battles where indeed you need a quickened raise.

Use renewal or cocoon or burst for minor damage, scrolls are really outdated (150 or 200HP depends on ur scroll damage amp and target healing amp).
They should top themselves out of combat and after having small injuries.
Unfortunately, I don't have epic destinies at level 9 (where I start using heal scrolls) and for me, even at level 20+ I don't have them because I don't yet own them. :)
Burst is a close burst and thus means I need to be close to cast it. Not gonna happen when in VoD. scrolls on the other hand were perfect in VoD. Kept the tank alive, threw a burst to anyone close to me and some masses when bars seemed to go down fast. Of course in VoD I was indeed avoiding mobs like a plague.

05-19-2014, 05:23 PM
If everyone is beating on something in a group, target the lowest hp player OR whoever is taking the most damage.

I'd suggest the exact opposite. Target the sturdiest person. If you have the squishy targeted and they suddenly die, your heal goes off on you instead of the rest of the melee group.

05-20-2014, 11:40 PM
The best advice I can give in addition to what is above is get your User Interface (UI) organized. I was never a fan of the function keys for healing. If I click on the character name with mouse I know 90% of the time I am healing the correct character. The other 10% is due to lag and the character selection via mouse not highlighting, lol.

Other than that everything you need, healing, caster, melee attacks should be hot keyed and one click away. You can free up many keys, by selecting the defaults with a Cntrl in front of it. I also use a Naga mouse, but keys like 1-6 work good for healing instead.

Here is some of my UI.

R target self
F voice chat
N Aura

Q Inflame
E Ameloriating Strike
G Momentum Swing
B Divine Punishment
V Cleave
C Great Cleave
X Blade Barrier
are used for melee attacks, attack buffs (short or no timer) for quick boosts, and spell attacks.

1-3 keyboard, resetting Divine Might and other timed buffs in combat.

1-3 on Naga Mouse planed Attack buffs with short timer. FTR Haste. I hit Adrenaline, Human damage boost, then I hit 'G' for Momentum Swing for a fully buffed critical.
4-6 single target healing, Cocoon, Heal, Heal Scroll, Renewal
7-12 mass healing spells and healing SLAs, burst, epic healing

I,O,M default

Bars for buffs and equipment swaps.

I have a bar of equipment for resting to max out mana.

I bar to check certain items are always on.

After buffing I starting swapping out equipment in using bars in organized way as mana drops to swap out WizWar gear mana boost for melee buff equipment PDK gear, Deadly, Accuracy, etc. or casting buff equipment.

Devotion is red slotted mostly.

*** IMHO Important ***
I also have a shortcut bar with timed items on it below my character to see my timers are up on buffs and attacks especially cleave attacks resetting Momentum Swing and Divine Punishment timer up to stack it.

I have about 15 bars displayed.

I don't scroll wheel through bars except for non combat equipment swaps.

I also have bars with the same spells again with less metas on for a more piking casting healing role to conserve mana. I leave Empower Healing on all the time above lvl12 and do not use the other metas individually. Every spell I use has a shortcut and some more than one with different metas selected.

My sig says something. Player Characters have to take some responsibility for their own survival. Bring remove curse pots and having some healing amp, so all that efficient healing like Aura and Bursts and Regenerate etc are much more effective.