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04-09-2014, 12:25 PM
So the anniversary event is over now, and you've got a few cards II and V available, the combination of which gives the sovereign xp elixir, that sweet 50% experience enhancement for 3 hours of power.
Let us assume that you've got a small supply of these elixirs now, and need commendations of valor to fuel your epic true reincarnations.
4200 commendations of valor is a lot, unless you're able to habitually run epic elite all the time.

Let's further assume that you can do all the quests on epic hard, either solo or in a group, by the time you're level 27 or so.
So how do you make that last run for your last 2000 or so commendations of valor without pulling your hair out?

Well, that wonderful sovereign xp elixir affects the number of commendations of valor you get from your quest reward. Note very carefully this:

The benefit of the xp elixir on your commendations of valor is computed at the time you take the quest reward, NOT at the time you complete the quest.
Note also that it affects the xp you get from saga rewards as well. Your voice of the master/master's gift does the same, although only for 5%. A guild ship 5% ditto. I believe you get 10% more if you're vip. I think tomes of learning do not work, but I couldn't swear to it for COV purposes.

So, what you do is this:
Run each quest in any order you want from this list once on epic hard. Do NOT take any rewards except end of chain rewards until the very end
Eveningstar chain (4 quests), Lords of dust chain (4 quests)---8 quests on EH for approximately 22 cov each (the rounding down makes the guild ship buff and vom not help here on EH)
The underdark set of 6 quests 27 each
The demonweb set of 3 quests plus druids deep series of 4 , 33 each
The high road 5 quests plus the gianthold saga, 38 each
Wheloon 5 quests for 47 each
Stormhorns 5 quests for 51 each

This will also get you credit for 6 sagas
Add these:
Von5/6 raid (only von 6 gives comms 27)
last stand and devil assault 22 each
Von 3 for old time's sake (xp on it isn't bad even after the hardcore nerf) 27
study in sable 47
brothers of the forge 56

The total on this is around 1830 commendations of valor. Run the quests, then drink the pot, beg the guild ship invite once to one of your server's maxed out guilds, and go and collect all your rewards at once. Then collect your saga rewards. You might insert an ETR in between those 2 steps, having 6 sagas on hard to cash in at the beginning of your etr can be really nice. Then you have 3 hours of experience power still.

I think this is the most powerful use of a sovereign xp elixir available. Any comments?
Note that there are a couple of quests you might want to break the rules on, specifically impossible demands, since it is a fast epic elite run even solo (I usually just bash the priestess, let her sacrifice the knight, then kill only the drow in the 1st room she goes into, release only those 3 hostages, then kill her when she comes back---she can't sacrifice if you keep her a ways away from any remaining hostages). So you probably do that run every day, an exception to the no-repeat rule. You can repeat if it is advantageous to you at the time, just try to be able to collect the rewards for all these quests at once when you finally drink the potion. You can also add or subtract quests as you like.

04-09-2014, 11:14 PM
not a bad idea but, your not getting the most out of your pot by running EH. Only EE will get you the most out of your pot for CoV gain

04-10-2014, 01:00 AM
You have the method down correctly but the quests should be run on EE.

04-10-2014, 10:59 AM
If you can easily run EE you don't need this method, you'll get 4200 COV long before you hit 28. This guide is aimed at those that can't regularly run EE.

04-10-2014, 01:37 PM
If you can easily run EE you don't need this method, you'll get 4200 COV long before you hit 28. This guide is aimed at those that can't regularly run EE.

Exactly, and great info! Thanks!

04-10-2014, 01:46 PM
I like the way you think, op. I had a similar idea myself. I'll add a couple of other ideas i had to go along with what you describe.

Run all the eberron classics and put the end rewards on hold too, just for the heck of it.

If you can spare a number 2 and number 8 card, use the major boosts to run up the slayer counts to just short of the highest landmark you can tolerate going to. After you drink the pot and pick up the coms, go in and hit all those landmarks for a good boost of xp. Switch to the ED you least like actually playing in before doing so.

I plan to run Spies in the House, and actually drink the pot right before the end, just cuz it gives such huge xp. Then after doing the above, finish the pot off running devil assault and wiz king, again really good xp for the time invested.