View Full Version : Clerical Errors, what is the state of cleric bugs presently?

04-03-2014, 02:07 PM
Supposedly Inflame is fixed on the testing server now. Can anyone confirm this?
Is divine cleansing fixed? Does it actually leave immunity for 12 seconds per cleric level now to poison and disease?
Does cure focus actually work now? By that, does CLW get +20 for a 20th level cleric instead of +5?
Do the intense and incredible healing enhancements work? Anyone tested them?

Does wand mastery actually give +75% for 3 points?

Do the divine disciple enhancements and capstone that raises max caster level for light/negative/fire actually work for SLAs (e.g. searing light, nimbus). Do they work for the avenging light ED power? Does it work for cast spells either (sun bolt sun beam, etc)?

Does the heroes feast spell actually work? Does the fear and poison immunity actually work?

Are there any other clerical errors that I'm not aware of?
Also, considering the likelihood of having to heal a bunch of pale masters and the like in a future life---the inflict and harm spells have horrible range. Has anyone tested enlarge spell on these spells? Does it give a reasonable range? Is the range long enough to compensate for normal combat movement and lag?