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04-02-2014, 01:34 AM
So I am a big fan of the ranger class and ranged toons of any class but I have found that our choices of weapons and gear for this type of build is sorely lacking. I play a 1 rogue 19 ranger build on Khyber and am disappointed that at lvl 25 when I tr'ed my best bow was still a lit2 gs that is really just sad. I have a tank and pure rogue and I find that the selection of gear for them is exponential greater than that of a ranged toons both in named and basic gear and weps I do understand that more people play melee and caster type toons but could you show us ranged fans some love to ? I had high hopes for the pinion of the clouds long bow and that hit the rocks fast then a goblin in a mine and the removal of the ranged alacrity from the black dragon scale armor was just a extra hit to us I dont know how many people agree with me but I know that ranged toons are under appreciated and over looked when the new gear is being released in updates just wanted to bring this up and hope to see some ranged gear come soon

Thanks numedrake

04-02-2014, 05:19 PM
Whats the matter with Pinion? Its pretty well established as a decent Epic-level bow. There are other named options as well, plus the new Thunderholme crafted options, and even some options like Epic Cannith Longbow or a good L24 Cormyrian bow are probably better than your GS...

Is there a relative shortage of decent bows relative to the comparable melee options? Yes...but I dont think its nearly as wide a gap as you make it sound like. It sounds more like you might just not have access to/knowledge of the right content to get better bows.

04-02-2014, 05:40 PM
Yeah, as the above poster mentions, there are plenty of good options for high level longbows.
(though, i will note that you may not consider them better enough to try getting, but that probably speaks more to the OP cheesiness of GS than anything else)

On the other hand, lets say you are a ranger who specializes in Shortbows... well, then you're in trouble. Random loot (or GS...) for you!