View Full Version : venom immunity bugged?

04-01-2014, 04:06 PM
I believe there is a bug whit the venom immunity Druid feat.

I played twice a human druid and each time, poison traps gave me no damage with venom immunity Druid feat. I remember very well be staying directly in the poison traps without receiving any damage.

So it's really strange that in my third life human druid, the venom immunity does not work the same way! : S

I know the venom immunity does not protect from magic poison sources. But as I said above, I remember very well all these quests where I was going smoothly into the traps of poison.

For example, in the quest Haunted Library, the chest at the end is placed directly into a trap of poison. In my early life druid, I could go open the chest leaving the poison to touch me and end the quest without receiving any damage. No need to defuse the trap. I could stay in the poison indefinitely because I was immune to poison with venom immunity feat. Now, if I stay too long, I die :S

I also noticed that I was getting damage natural arsenic poison destroying white spider eggs.

A Druid receives the venom immunity feat at level 9. So if you play a Druid level 9 or more currently, preferably human, I would like to know if you also receive poison damage in the traps?
if so, is that it was always the case or if you were indeed immunized before like me?

thank you all