View Full Version : Need some feedback with a TR melee wizard

03-31-2014, 02:35 PM
I'll will probably TR in a few months, just upping my crafting enough to be useful and getting some more items before actually doing it.
I'm kind bored of always making pure casters or/and 2 level splashes so I decided to look for something fun to do instead and after reading about melee wizards for some time I got interested on this one 12 Wizard/6 Monk/2 Paladin I already made some alterations on the build but I still think it could be optimized.

Race: Warforged
Past Lives: Wizard x1
Classes: 12 Wizard/6 Monk/2 Paladin

Abilities (34 Point)
STR: 33 -- (14 base +2 tome +6 level +8 item +3 insight)
DEX: 30 -- (15 base +2 tome +2 wraith +7 item +2 insight)
CON: 34 -- (18 base +2 tome +4 enhancement +1 level +7 item +2 insight)
INT: 17 -- (12 base +5 tome)
WIS: 21 -- (6 base +2 tome +4 enhancement +7 item +2 insight)
CHA: 14 -- (12 base +2 tome)

Progression: 1 Monk, 2 Wizard, 3 Paladin, 4 Monk, 8 Paladin, 9 Wizard, 12 Monk and 13 to 20 Wizard

Base: Cleave (1), Maximize (3), Quicken (6), ITWF (9), IC: Bludgeoning (12), Great Cleave (15), GTWF (18), Overwhelming Critical (21), Master of Forms (24), Epic Toughness (27)
Wizard: Mental Toughness (3), Extend Spell (13), Improved Mental Toughness (18)
Monk: Power Attack (1), TWF (4), Path of Inevitable Dominion: Fists of Darkness (5), Toughness (12)
Paladin: Follower of the Silver Flame (2)
Destiny: PTWF (26), Elusive Target (28)

Warforged (9ap): Core Line V (7ap), Toughness (2pt)

Wizard: Palemaster (32ap): Core Line IV (4ap), Deathless Vigor (6ap), Spell Critical: Negative Energy IV (8ap), Skeletal Knight (2ap), Negative Energy Conduit (3ap), Bone Armor (3ap), Constituition (4ap), Improved Shrouding (2ap)

Wizard: Eldritch Knight (12ap): Core Line IV (1ap), Improved Mage Armor (3), Toughness (3), Improved Shield (3)

Monk: Shintao (15ap): Core Line I (1ap), Deft strikes (6ap), Iron Skin (6ap), Iron Fists (2ap)

Paladin: Knight of the Chalice (12ap): Core Line I (1ap), Extra Turning (3ap), Attack Boost (2ap), Divine Might (6ap)

Fort: 40 – (+12 base +4 epic +12 con +2 cha +6 resistance +4 insight)
Ref: 36 – (+9 base +4 epic +11 dex +2 cha +6 resistance +4 insight)
Will: 34 – (+13 base +4 epic +5 wis +2 cha +6 resistance +4 insight)

Epic Destinies:
Any of those two.
Fury of the Wild: Tunnel Vision (1pt), Bolder Toss (1pt), Strength (8pt), Acute Instincts (3pt), Damaged Reduction (3pt), Sense Weakness (3pt), Overwhelming Force (1pt), Fury Eternal (2pt), Unbridled Fury (2pt)
Twits: Bane To Undeath, Endless Turning, Endless Faith

Legendary Dreadnought: Sundering Swing (2pt), Strength (8pt), Momentum Swing (3pt), Improved Power Attack (2pt), Lay Waste (2pt), Critical Damage (3pt), Advancing Blows (2pt), Master's Blitz (2pt)
Twits: Bane To Undeath, Endless Turning, Endless Faith

Trinket: Planar Focus of Prowess (+3 str insight)
Neck: Holy Symbol of Lolth
Goggles: Drow Smoke Googles/Lenses of the Woodsman
Bracers: Skirmisher Bracers/Epic Bracers of the Demon's Consort
Body: Stone Heart (+8 str, Way of the Sun Soul)
Ring: Ring of Shadows (yellow augment slot)
Ring: ToD ring with Holy Burst
Boots: Treads of Falling Shadow/Cannith Boots of Propulsion
Gloves: Nether Grasps
Belt: Belt of the Sun Soul
Weapons: Grave Wrappings/Antipode/Ivy Wraps
Quiver: Quiver of Alacrity

Standard Spell Load-out:
Level 1: Protection From Evil, Expeditious Retreat, Jump, Merfolk's Blessing, Nightshield
Level 2: Blur, Eagle's Splendor, False Life, Gust of Wind, Resist Energy
Level 3: Haste, Heroism, Magic Circle Against Evil, Rage, Repair Serious Damage
Level 4: Acid Rain, Death Aura, Negative Energy Burst,Stone Skin
Level 5: Niac's, Eldar's, Protection from Elements,Teleport
Level 6: True Seeing/Reconstruct, Greater Heroism, Tenser's Transformation

Some considerations About this build:
-12 wizard levels give cra*p DCs even if I tried to improve it, it would never be enough, however it gives me access to palamaster and archmage threes also most of the useful arcane buffs and acid rain/wall of fire
-8 monk levels wouldn't make that big of a difference so I'm going with only 6 monk since healing amp and Wholeness of Body are not really wanted in this build
-2 paladin levels for Divine Grave which really improves all saves and also access to Knight of the Chalice three for Divine Might
-the progress order is due to BBA requisites for ITWF, GTWF and IC: Bludgeoning otherwise I wouldn't be able to get those feats within the heroic levels
-due to the reasons above I would only be able to take wraith form at level 20 which makes warforged a solid choice due to reconstruct and all the immunities before getting to wraith form
-wraith form as it's already well known heightens survivability due to 25% incorporeality and also greatly boost damage due to causing constitution damage on crit hits
-improved shrouding improves all undead forms making wraith form have 30% incorporeality and +2 dex bonus
-the skeleton was just a filler to be able to get improved shrouding
-the neg crit line is only for my healing with death aura and neg bursts
-extend spell is a must since with short duration buffs and small sp pool it's much cheaper to double the duration expending 10 extra sp than recasting the buff, it also help with death aura
-mental toughness and improved mental toughness make a big difference allowing to cast more two or three death aura/neg burst and since most of the meta magic feats are worthless with only 12 caster levels it became a good option
-left most of the gear slots empty since I rarely play melee so I'm not sure what would be good gear for this build
-probably will change between Fury of the Wild and Legendary Dreadnought and see what works best or what I like more