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03-29-2014, 03:42 AM

I've been have an ongoing issue with DDO after the last few months, after booting and logging in for the first time my character screen doesn't display my toon, when I click to enter the gameworld ittakes 5+ minutes then the system locks up entirely, no way to tab out, just locks up and I have to hard reset. If I tab out when it's loading the game world and kill the program then reopen it it takes longer thatn normal to reach the character screen but does display my toon, clicking to enter the world after that takes another 5 minutes to load, sometimes it will freeze up there, other times I'll get it but it will then randomly freeze again after a fwe minutes. I have had times when its worked flawlessly on this second attempt and i've spent the whole evening playing, but as of last saturday I've been completely unable to login.

I've reinstalled countless times, my drivers are all up to date, when I last put my PC in for a service the guy said that my harddrive was almost full (not sure about that tbh).

I've seen the freeze occur when I was watching a full screen streaming video once or twice, so it may not be isolated to ddo specifically, but I play steam games that are far more taxing on my system graphically that have no issues whatsoever.

I could really do with some help here :(

03-29-2014, 07:14 AM
DDO is heavy user when it comes to graphic processor usages.
No other game I know of comes near it... GPGPU calculation is worse than it but not by much.
( Based on my experience, and the GPU temperature measurement under both. )

Now your problem seems to be more related to your Hard Disk...
Did you run a HD defragmentation recently ? ( if not do it )

Also if you have an almost full HD it might be the time to consider removing ( or storing on an external media ) a few things to make some room.

As a rule of a thumb, always leave between 10 and 20% of a HD free. There's two reasons for that :
- I keeps HD fragmentation in check
- the last 10% of the HD usable surface are the one with the worst seek time ( the time it takes to access data on the HD ) and in games like DDO it's a killer.