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03-28-2014, 08:38 PM
So, the wifey has decided to give DDO a try. WOOT!!!

She wants to play as a Wolf, and she wants to beat stuff up. That's as much info as I could drag out of her, but I know some things about her (go figure! :)) and what she'll like so here's what I'm thinking:

She won't like playing the piano with a jillion hotbars and hotkeys. So simplicity will be a key factor. Low on casting, Big on Hitting.

She will likely not be playing more than an hour, once or twice a week with me, so low level heroic f2p stuff will be the bulk of our questing, at least initially. If she sticks around we'll start buying packs. In the meantime very shiny gear is probably out of the question, although I can buy/craft any gear that the build absolutely MUST have.

Multiclassing is fine, provided she doesn't have to spend a lot of time playing/learning splash class abilities. That is, if the build calls for 1 rog at level 1, that's fine since she'll be in and out of level one on our first day. 6 levels of monk taken early on is probably NOT going to fly, she'll get frustrated with stances and finishers and all that before ever getting into wolf form. So shallow splashes where they'll hurt the least is key there.

I'll be rolling up a fresh alt to quest along with her, haven't decided what exactly yet. Possibly another Tempest Trapmonkey, or possibly something in the Pally neighbourhood, you know, to keep the trash off her while she learns to melee, throw the odd heal, that sort of thing. Any suggestions on that front would be cool too.

Remember: IF she get's to 20, it'll take a LONG time. So let's focus on good front-load power. We want to impress her with cool stuff but not overload her with complicated button management. This will be her first MMO and first RPG.

I'll be trying to build her something in the planner while I wait for your wise suggestions.

Thanks in advance :)

03-29-2014, 12:03 PM
An update: I've discarded TempTrapmonky as my alt to run with her, due to the overlap in spells/buffs. Looking more like I'll go Soul or Pally.

04-01-2014, 10:56 AM
A couple of questions: does she have access to monk? Are you willing to splurge on any tomes? Will this be purely a melee build or does she want a melee-caster hybrid?

04-01-2014, 11:17 AM
Sounds like Pastlifenmo (Google it if you don't already know it) with Fighter levels maybe 10/8/2 split rather then the 9/9/2, is what you are looking for. Its not a shallow splash but it front loads the wolf/druid stuff so it will play like what shes looking for.

04-01-2014, 11:31 AM
There's still time before the new 'puter gets here. That said she's hesitant to spend my money on Premie features until she gets a feel for it. That said, I'll likely start her off with a Fighter level or two before I buy her Druid (and maybe Monk). Everything is still just pencilled in at this point, so feel free to bluesky me. Oh, and primarily Melee aside from the buff spells which I don't really count as 'caster'. I realise most builds would benefit from more caster druid stuff, but I've encountered some really effective melee-centric Wolfs, and that's where her comfort level is, so let's focus there.

04-08-2014, 08:10 PM
First, congratulations on getting your wife to try DDO. I have not been able to persuade my wife yet, so I am a bit envious.

Second, check Tilomere's posts on druid builds. Essentially to maximize melee DPS, you must use Stunning Fist, Stunning Blow or similar ability.
So either Monk or Barbarian. I would go Barbarian because it is f2p. You want to get Ear smash/Knockout and Stunning Blow. Tilomere's build (Big Bad Wolf) is Druid 9 [for Natural Fighting Feats)/Barbarian 5 (for Ravager T5, expanded crit on rage)/Cleric 6 (Divine Might, resilience of battle for passive dr 5/-). That would be a good build with 2 f2p classes. I would go Human for Healing amp enhancement or halfing for dragonmarks (get guile to compensate for -2 Str). Dwarf is also interesting with tactics bonus.
Top buttons would be Barb Rage, Ear Smash, Smite Foe, Stunning Blow, Cleave, Druid SLA, Cleric SLA (Chill Touch or Nimbus of Light), Sleet storm (to run away), and Heal or Cure spell. Buffs would be Divine Might (lasts 2 minutes), Ram's Might, Vigor (highest level for HoT), FoM (from Druid), Deathward (from Druid), Nightshield (from Cleric), Protect from Evil (from Cleric), best elemental protection spell. I recommend Extend Spell and Quicken + Empower Healing Spell feats to decrease spellcasting. Put enhancements points into passives such as Uncanny Dodger (barbarian) and Four Good Legs (druid, requires Dodge feat).
Stance is Power Attack, Action Boost is Sprint Boost (for traveling around town). I would hold off on Damage Boost and Doublestrike Boost until she is more familiar with game. If you substitute Fighter instead of Cleric, I would go Stalwart Defender for passive stacking stance.

Good luck and good gaming!