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03-28-2014, 07:53 AM
First suggestion here so looking forward to multiple swift and crafty shoot down responses!

I found that I have started using my bio as a toon specific note pad and have seen others doing the same thing. As the bio is open for public viewing and I have started including personal notes there I will use cryptic text lines that look quite similar to code which are indecipherable to others and sometimes even to myself. This works but a biography space should be for creating your own personal character lore. Listing feats or comments which express what you want about your toon or yourself falls in line with this concept. It is limited space set aside specifically for this purpose.

I have paper notes, maybe 100 pages or so in a pile next to my computer here which I have accumulated over three years of playing DDO. Most of those notes are temporary and my success rate on finding notes that I wrote a couple months back has proved to be about a vorpal hit on a d/20.

While playing I have my laptop beside me for quest maps and stuff that always has a notepad open with a variety of guild/festival/anniversary card etc. related notes. These notes are becoming a few pages worth of data and it's becoming tough to go through. So much so that I find I'm starting to miss notes that I left to remind myself about something I found important at the time.

With multiple toons and what is becoming an increasingly data rich game experience (which I enjoy), a space to note down private, toon related information would be greatly appreciated. As I level up a toon I try to keep their gear appropriate for their level. If I can't find a +5 Bracer of Protection when I re-gear it would be great to have an easy tab to go to and drop a note there specific to that toon instead of having to go through pages of general notes on a separate computer.

I understand that DDO is F2P and a notepad would essentially be a luxury item. If devs are dedicating time to making something like this work it wouldn't make sense unless there was some sort of benefit for Turbine. This is the way of the game and I am fully supportive of that, it allows us to continue playing the game that we love. That being said, I wouldn't mind having it as something you purchase on the DDO Store or perhaps an accumulated favor reward. 50-100 TP for a page the same size as the bio would be very reasonable. There is space under the biography tab location for multiple tabs so a notepad could even be potentially purchased multiple times.

I did a little search on the subject for similar suggestions and the only one I could find was from 2007. I'm not going to necro it but I will add the link here for reference: