View Full Version : Spellsinger - spell penetration on EN and EH

03-24-2014, 10:26 AM
Hey all. So I'm at 28 with a human spellsinger and I was thinking of using my free LR to rework it a bit. At the moment I have the full spell penetration line for feats (so +8 spell penetration), and have something like 40 spell penetration when I'm in draconic or fatesinger.

Spell penetration: 20 (heroic) + 5 (epic destiny core) + 2-3 (epic destiny selectables) + 5 (enhancements) + 8 (feats) = 40-41 (sometimes a couple more if I have an item on).

I am just interested in EN and EH content, and so far this amount of spell penetration has been enough (not enough for stuff like priestesses, but it seems to be getting most stuff).

What I'm wondering is if I swapped out those 3 feats for other stuff (ie. to add cleave, great cleave, and overwhelming critical) how much would that -8 to spell penetration effect me on EN and EH? With just 32 spell penetration would everything suddenly save against it and my dancing ball would be pretty much useless? Remember, this isn't EE I'm talking about.

Thanks for the help!