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03-20-2014, 04:03 PM
The first quest in the new adventure pack arc "Third Time's a Charm" is in an early state. It is completeable and should allow flagging for the capstone but there are unfinished (not just unpolished) portions.

If you fall into a room that has lava and a staircase, you probably are not able to get out.

The Heroic versions of "Third Time's a Charm", "Graveyard Shift", and "Desire in the Dark" are CR 16 on normal currently instead of the intended 15.
The shop owners in the new public area do not yet actually function as vendors.
Cosmetic variants of Shadowfell Conspiracy Masterful Craftmanship items may currently find themselves with a Minimum level applied.
All of the named crossbows "Light Boltslinger" and "Heavy Boltslinger" do not currently actually fire (Though they do consume bolts!).
Ship buffs are missing the duration buff that will persist even when the "Hide Ship Buffs" UI option is checked so people with their buffs hidden can still see the duration of them

Battle Engineer: Caustic Shot, Shatter Defenses, and Thunder-Shock Weapon all stop movement when used
Several enhancements do not have icons yet and display as "STUB"