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03-20-2014, 10:41 AM
thinking of making a Druid AA so was wondering some different combination my initial thought was 11 druid 9 ranger.
the main goal is to get druid past life and I really hate playing druids lol the classes I enjoy most recently are rogue assassins (which require to be pure for best Assassinate DC so not an option in this build)and various AA builds I have done so ofcourse all my gear is trapper/archer and I do not want to farm new gear I have enough trouble clearing my tr cache as it is.
I did 2 Druid lives on another toon one was a wolf dps build it was fun but i do not want to do that again.
the other was a bear tank which I hated.
I don't have caster past lives or gear so dont' really want to do a caster druid.

but are there other combinations that might work well for druid as an archer?

03-20-2014, 11:28 AM
If you want a full-time AA, then some sort of "Drunkcher" is the way to go to get both Manyshot & 10K Stars. If you planned to spend time in epics, I might suggest something like monk 6 / druid 13 / <splash> 1 in order to get water elem form and lvl 7 spells (Regen & Freezing Spray being the most useful to this build). OTOH, if you plan to TR as soon as you hit 20, a different split might work better; maybe something odd like monk 6 / rgr 4 / druid 8, farm @ 18, then put last two lvls into druid before TRing.

03-22-2014, 11:27 AM
For a quick TR life, I'd probably do something straight forward like:

15 druid / 5 ranger
Get AA tier 5 as soon as possible. At 18, you got regenerate and freezing spray. If you do some epics, you get heal as well. Probably human and maybe even get some dragonmarks for utility (GH, ddoor, teleport).

Or use something with trapping skills like:
13 druid / 5 ranger / 2 rogue
Which also gets evasion.

The ideas Unbungwah mentioned are great as well, though, druid and 10k meshes really well with the wisdom requirements. The drawback with adding monk stuff for me is, you'll reach the full build potential kinda late, which might or might not be a problem for you. (10k at 6 monk...AA stuff will unlock late due to 17 points requirements in the elven tree...even more of a late bloomer with more sophisticated splits.)

Going down that road, I'd so something like this...elven to get AA and...
13 druid / 6 monk / 1 something (fighter/ranger for feat or rogue/arti for trapping)

One more nice thing about an elven build here is the possibility to add dex-to-damage with Grace and go wisdom / dex based. Which removes one feat (Bow Strength) from the equation and gives you very nice saves and AC while leveling. (not the best idea for minmaxxing for harder epics, but works really smooth for heroic leveling and some ED farming)

The idea to have a druid archer seems popular at the moment, 2 other discussions on page one with some more ideas maybe....


As Unbungwah mentioned, druid has good stuff to complement archers. (Buffs, Regenerate, Heal with 15 levels, Creeping Cold, Greater Creeping Cold and Freezing Spray which adds helluva lot of single target DPS in Water Form, especially if you can spare a feat or two for metamagics)