View Full Version : WTT Lolth Card IX on WAYFINDER for yours on.....

03-14-2014, 09:06 AM

Do I play on Wayfinder? Not really Ma'ams and Sirs. But I just scored Lolth Card IX on Wayfinder.

I would love to trade it for a Card IX, servers in order of preference

I will trade it immediately to someone in exchange for Cannith or Ghallanda

1. Cannith
2. Ghallanda

If no one from those two servers steps up, on March 29 I would accept a trade for Card IX on one of these servers

3. Thelanis
4. Argonesson
5. Sarlona
6. Khyber

I won't trade it on Wayfinder or Orien. I will just eat it on Wayfinder.

Due to my length of this trade, by the time March 29 rolls around you might have already scored your own card IX.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend


1. Will you trade it for ANYTHING else? No.

2. Who trades first? If you are a poster I am not familiar with from the forums, I would appreciate you giving me your card first. If this is unacceptable, then I guess we don't have a trade.