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03-13-2014, 07:10 AM
After a full cleric career to learn game mechanics, I decided to tweak a ranger with cleric - a Radiant Ranger.

Currently it is set as dwarf/13 ranger/6 cleric/1 artificer/8 epic shiraadi champion fitting the needs for my playstyle well.

The aim was for dwarf and ranger feats (at least level 11 to gain 'Improved Precise Shot' + 'Greater TWF') plus a 6 level cleric build:
- Arcane Archer + Tempest enhancements
- Radiant Servant 'Positive Energy Burst' (focus: remove 1d4 negative level)
- regenerating Turn Undead for endless Heals over Time and bursts (Radiant Servant / Unyielding Sentinel Twist of Fate:'Endless turning')

For solo runs (as casual player) 1 level rogue or artificer to have access Trap Sense/Open Lock/Disable Device feats - I decided for arti in trade off for ranger or cleric lvl 4 spells. The reason for that splash was that my 'improved' rogue hireling was not able anymore to disable traps or open locks at high level epic dungeons. The artificer pet is randomnly helping out for activating lever, after trash mobs are cleared from the scene, a cheap hireling substitute. Secondarily, the artificer access to Repeating Xbows with Shiradii Champion 'Double Rainbow' is considered an 'a lot of fun experiment'.

Outcome for play:

- A casual player 'killing machine': Kill-loot-repeat. Either the damage bursts kill fast or I just outheal the boss fights, ofc more time consuming kiting the npc's around.
- Tempest 100% offhand attacks, 'Deflect Arrows' (works not only on arrows but observed with magic missiles, too)
- Cleric 'Divine Favour', 'Prayer', Ranger 'Dispelling Shot' buffs/debuffs and various removal spells
- Negative Level encounter high survivability
- via Twists of Fate a robust heal/dmg mix
- a more than adequate spell points pool due to regenerating 'Turn Undead' based spells (dmg/heal/removals) plus passive defense (max dodge/dusk/ghostly/invisibility guard).

I wanted just to share my experience with this tweak.
It is a fun build which allows casual players higher damage and very good survivability. On the career development you learn anyway that ranger are not tanks - but flexible in TWF and ranged attacks to develop an exciting playstyle.

03-13-2014, 01:26 PM
For solo runs (as casual player) 1 level rogue or artificer to have access Trap Sense/Open Lock/Disable Device feats - I decided for arti in trade off for ranger or cleric lvl 4 spells.

Why do you need Ranger level 13? I might be missing something, but it doesn't seem to add much, and you can replace it with another Cleric level for level 4 spells.

03-13-2014, 02:41 PM
I know enhancements are probably super tight, but if you can manage to fit 22 APs into the Warpriest tree for Ameliorating Strike, it would have a ton of synergy with this build. (Procs twice when you get an off-hand strike, and you already have the positive spellpower to boost it.)

03-14-2014, 06:05 AM
Thanks for the replies, appreciated.

The 'spare' level ranger are indeed just surplus of skill points (+6 for ranger versus +2 for cleric) for a 'Jack-of-all-Trades'
The access to Cleric level 4 spells should be considered more benefitial ('Freedom of Movement'/'Divine Power'/'Recitation'). I will experiment that tonight by spending a +1 LR on that toon. The remaining 12 level ranger are a comfortable fit for Tempest 'Deflect Arrows' and Arcane Archer "Aligned Arrows'.

An enhancement reshuffle, to splash Warpriest for 'Ameliorating Strike' will be challenging. On a regular basis I review and experiment with enhancements, to get the best out of this tweak ranger-cleric. I will have a closer look to your mentioned option.

03-14-2014, 11:29 AM
I have on my 4th life a ranger 11/cleric-7/rogue1---when I hit 20 it'll be 12 ranger/7 cleric/1 rogue
The group utility on this incarnation is crazy, and would be even better if inflame wasn't bugged (basically I get like 4-5 uses out of it per login....grrr, it is awesome when it works though).
Ameliorating strike with full TWF is really sweet, it actually heals the melees in my party very nicely. Warpriest cores are also adding a lot of survivability. I never considered taking any radiant, but I agree, having a cheap restore would be nice. Maybe I can afford to squeeze 11 ap out there once I no longer need permanent divine might from enhancements.

Having cleric spells up to level 4 is grand. Last night I came in super late to a rainbow in the dark run, and the torch was already fixed. Couldn't see. No problem, just whip out summon monster IV for a lantern archon and...there would be light. Plus I've got on-demand death ward and cure crit, as well as freedom of movement.

04-05-2014, 10:59 AM
What kind of stat breakdown did you guys/gals start with?

I'm trying a Radiant Titan build at the moment, which I think is lots of fun, but I do really miss the bow at times. Not sure I need it, but I miss it. I am loving the Radiant tree though.