View Full Version : What to Dual Wield?

03-12-2014, 11:35 AM
I just dusted off my bard (lvl 23), and old 16/2/2 Brd/Ftr/Rog.

I have two raiders boxes and a broad spectrum of specialty piercing weapons (smite, disrupt, banish) as well as many of the same for bastard swords (also have EN and EE First Blood).

He was originally a khopesh user and has one minII. I have some khopesh but not as varied as the other weapon types listed above.

He is currently dual weapon spec'd with +4 tomes for all stats (first lifer, though). I can change to THF...

I would gladly take recommendations on what to do with the boxes: Balizardes, Nightmares, Cleaver?

Thanks in advance,