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03-11-2014, 10:09 AM
Could we please see a change to the way the teleports work between realms? i would prefer to see a guy in each hall that you can talk to that teleports you. function of the guy is to teleport. He also will check to see if you own it aka vip/premium owning the hall. now say you didn't right he can point you to the ddo store or tell you vip get it for free.

Reason i say this is because its really annoying to have to log out and log back in. don't get me wrong is was a great idea but poorly implemented. with logging in and out we create that memory leak issue ddo has. so then the client then starts to lag. i think my solution is quite easy because we have various type of transporter type guys. So please turbine you know this will make people happy and not to mention you might get more sales on the halls if you could please implement this change.