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03-08-2014, 12:29 AM
Hey all. I am trying to optimize my monk and would like some feedback on my pure monk build. Also I would like to point out a few things about the feat whirlwind attack on an unarmed monk. First I will list my stats and feats.

Starting stats (I have used a +3 tome on all. A +4 on wisdom and a +5 on constitution.
Str 14
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 11
Wis 17
(I hope this is right for my 32 pt build. Im typing this in the bus and cant check my stats right now)


Lvl 1 Dodge
Lvl 1 martial arts feat: stunning fist
Lvl 2 martial arts feat: mobility
Lvl 3 Resilience
Lvl 6 spring attack
Lvl 6 m.a. feat: two weapon fighting
Lvl 9 combat expertise
Lvl 12 Improved two weapon fighting
Lvl 15 greater two weapon fighting
Lvl 18 whirlwind attack
Lvl 21 improved martial arts
Lvl 24 bulwark of defense (wish i could choose a better feat here)
Lvl 27 blinding speed
My ED feats are tactician and perfect two weapon fighting

Firt I would like to say: i know i am missing improved critical bludgeoning. But i did some math and this doesnt seem to be that much of a loss in dps. With a damage multiplier of x2 this comes down to a 5% increase in dps.... not that much of an increase if u ask me. Ofcourse this is more in earth stance. But i rarely use earth stance anymore. I prefer ocean stance for EE q's. Also, my boss beater thunder and lightning has impact on it. Making the feat redundant when wearing thunder and lightning.

Secondly I would like to tell u guys exactly how much i love whirlwind attack. It makes 2-4 attacks with +4 W damage. (Says the wiki. Ive never seen it hit 2 times. Only 3 or 4) the mkst useful aspect of this attack is the fact that it gets me tons of ki. For every mob in range i gain 4 ki.when i am lacking ki i just get between some mobs, use whirlwind attack and bam: ki. The damage on a whirlwind attack is also nice.
Also it is greay for zerging. Just gather up some mobs, hit the one with most hp with standard punches and get the rest down with the whirlind attacks.

Third i would like to explain why i toon bulwark of defense instead of improved critical: improved critical sucks imo. And with the grandmaster of flowers ability that gives no fails on a 1 with reflex saves, i wanna make sure i can dance in aoe's without taking damage. Tho im not very enthousiastic about bulwark of defense. I would like u dear reader to come up with a solution for that. Are there any feats ive missed.. also i didnt take power attack because on epic elite used to make a few grazing hits before i got to lvl 27 and got my accuracy item.

My twists are cocoon, primal scream and legendary tactics. I cannot give u the exact numbers on my stats etc when buffed because as i said im in the bus right now. I can post them later if wanted.

So ppl please give me feedback on my build let me know if there is room for improvement and/or try out whirlwind attack. Its ace for monks imo. And im gonna need some solid arguments before switching it out for something else... but im open to any suggestions.

03-08-2014, 01:27 PM
No Vorpal Strikes? You should have enough Wis for it if you're at 17 starting wis -- presumably you're putting all your level-ups into that.

03-08-2014, 01:36 PM
No Vorpal Strikes? You should have enough Wis for it if you're at 17 starting wis -- presumably you're putting all your level-ups into that.

Ya, Vorpal Strikes is another feat you could take to replace bulwark if you start with 17 Wis and all level ups into Wis.

It makes your unarmed attacks slashing and gives them the Vorpal ability (aka, off with their heads! *instant kill*)

03-08-2014, 07:30 PM
Vorpal Strikes requires Imp crit:blug...so if you are dead set on not picking that up...no to vorpal strikes...maybe you could do epic DR...not sure

03-10-2014, 07:49 AM
Epic DR is level 27 only and is not really a great choice if you're stacking it on top of:

15 GMOF Earth
15 Iron Skin
15 standing in stone
16 augment
15 planar focus
76 PRR

An extra 15 PRR nets you about 2% actual damage reduction at this point (http://ddowiki.com/page/Physical_Resistance_Rating) due to diminishing returns. If you don't have room for the augment, don't have the planar focus set, or simply don't run it due to T&L being better wraps than Antipodes and run in something other than Earth it can be an ok choice though.

Improved crit is pretty much mandatory on any melee build; what other feat can you take that gives you a straight 5% DPS increase? Given that you also should be running in Earth stance most of the time (I'm afraid Shintao is just designed that way at the moment), which makes it far more significant. Vorpal fists is truly awesome as well, again it's a big DPS increase, and the utility of having slashing on unarmed is just something I couldn't live without after trying it. Whirlwind is fun on monks, so I can understand building for it, but it does require a lot of garbage (you really don't need the full dodge line to cap it as a monk, and combat expertise is useless because AC is pretty useless). Despite that, if you really want it I would go with (assuming you're not human as you don't list it a human feat at level 1):

1. Dodge
1M. Power attack
2M. Stunning Fist
3. Mobility
6. Spring attack
9. Combat Expertise
12. IC: Bludgeon
15. ITWF
18. GTWF
21. Whirlwind attack
24. Vorpal Fists
26. PTWF
27. Blinding Speed (Replace with IMA or epic DR when you get a 15% speed item)
28. Tactician

Seriously, to reiterate, all those defensive feats are gimping your DPS, and a dead mob = a mob that's not beating on your face = the best defence :D

If you get to the point where you want to TR and still want to run a similar build, I personally would go human, realign your stats to 16/14/13/8/17/8 pick up a +5 strength tome if you can afford it or find the upgrades and put two level ups in strength, then take:

1. Cleave
1M. Stunning Fist
1H. Power attack
2M. Dodge
3. Past life: Monk
6. Great Cleave
6M. Deflect arrows
9. Mobility
12. IC: Bludgeon
15. ITWF
18. GTWF
21. Vorpal Strikes
24. Overwhelming Critical
26. PTWF
27. Blinding Speed (until 15% then IMA)
28. Tactician

This will up your DPS considerably (run in earth stance for PRR boost + 19-20/x3 crit profile), and won't really change your play-style that much, you will just need to position mob packs better to take advantage of cleave/great cleave replacing whirlwind.