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03-07-2014, 07:57 PM
When will the sorcerer skill of bluff be fixed. It is a useless skill for sorcerers and only takes part of feigning. Introducing new skills (spell craft) infuriates me, favoring wizards over sorcerers yet again to the point of total disrespect of me as a real person who puts in a lot of game time on my sorcerer. Fix it. Fix it. Fix the sorcerers bluff skill. I request people who play wizards not to degrade me on this post. I request people true to sorcerers to respond. I'm not some idiot who doesn't know the truth. A wizard with a 64 intelligence compared to a sorcerer who has a 24 intelligence (which before the spell craft introduction was a dump stat, now after introduction effectively lowering my constitution) will receive 20 bonus spell power for all spells. Sorcerers are evokers and deserve the best spell power between all classes. It takes me two base enhancements to get 20 spell power and then lose 20 spell power in an opposing element as well as a severe penalty in caster levels of that opposing spell power. Am I making myself clear? My punitive universal spell power is reduced as compared to a wizard, me gaining 0.75 universal spell power per enhancement in my element, whereas a wizard gains 1.0 . Due to enemies immune to my primary element, I also need to diverse my element, having a second enhancement line, that too being punished by the aforementioned reasons. I am foolish to put any racial enhancements due to the lose of spell power in my main element. I have chosen fire as my primary element. I took air as my secondary. I built my sorcerer to have the highest fire power possible. The enhancement Awaken Elemental Weakness does not improve my fire spell power over dungeon completion time, becoming useful only at the very end of the dungeon. My top tier enhancement is air due to the fact that I can receive a bonus fire spell power in the fifth tier: that's a totally poor developmental feature. In addition, my most powerful fire DoT (damage over time) is burning blood. It is half acid damage. If I take acid as my secondary element, the fifth enhancement tear in acid gives a conjuration DC bonus. Again I repeat, Burning blood is my most powerful DoT. A wizard's Burning blood outmatches a sorcerers by the acid 70 spell power difference, self calculated from minus 50 acid spell power due to air savant and minis 20 spell power due to the difference of intelligence. You'll think that burning blood is a necromancy rather than an evocation; my ONLY fire Dot is burning blood. A wizard has five DoT's. (Again, I feel disrespected. Red named, end bosses are best defeated by DoT's. I am not an idiot. I know this for a fact.) Wizard's DPS outmatches a sorcerer's on all end bosses other than those vulnerable to fire: that is not fair for an evoker.

The solution is very simple: give my sorcerer bonus spell power from the bluff skill. Pen and paper D&D takes precedence in my case. The D&D, 3.5 edition Player's Handbook II introduced the Beguiler class. Due to a large community of DM's opinion and influence, the Beguiler class introduced the Bluff skill to improve their spell casting. With a successful bluff, the Beguiler could lower the defenses of the enemy, their-by enhancing their own spell strength. The developers first added this feature to improve a Beguiler's DC's and spell-penetration (noting there is an absence of the spell power feature in P&P). The concept was born through Role playing a sorcerer's ability to bluff an enemy to improve their spells. It was common for players to request this skill result. DDO's advantage of the bluff skill should be based off of this pen & paper presidency. I suggest the sorcerer could build his spell power from bluff rather than spell craft. It's an easy fix. A simple enhancement can transfer the bluff skill. Many other classes do the same, such as the monk with his concentration skill being transferred into an intimidate skill.

03-07-2014, 08:31 PM
Solution: reroll Wizard. Regarding the immense advantage a Wizard - especially a fleshy one - has from Repair being a class skill, it's obvious to just reroll :P

03-07-2014, 08:37 PM
Wow, your combative monologue and sense of entitlement will likely bring the trolls. This wizard advantage issue was massaged thoroughly into the ground when spellcraft was first introduced. While the general consensus seemed to be 'raw deal for sorcs', the topic lost steam quickly. Would I like another 20 spell power, very much so. Would i notice a 3.3% bump in my average cast, not so much. This is a great game for min/maxers and I like reaping many of the benefits so I wish you luck.