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03-01-2014, 02:20 PM
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What it is

Hi all! Guerric/Carrianne from the Forever Knights of Orien here. As many of you know, Cordovan held trivia events these past few days in honor of ddo's 8th anniversary and Dungeons and Dragon's 40th. Many of us who work during normal hours were disappointed on having missed out on the fun, but Cordovan offered to support an event if a player wanted to run it. Hence we are having a round 2 of trivia with prizes from Cordovan on Orien, with a slightly different twist- the focus will be on classic Dungeons and Dragons trivia, focused particularly on the first three and a half editions of D&D.

When it will take place

This event will take place on Saturday, March 8, at 2pm EST. We'll go for as many rounds as we have prizes/interest for.

Where it will take place

The event will take place on the guild ship of the Forever Knights of Orien. Participants will be teleported to the ship for each round.

The prizes

Cordovan has given me ten 500 Turbine Point Codes, a Snowy Owl Bear Companion Certificate, and a few other flavor items to give to the champions each round. Additionally, we'll be offering awards from the peronal coffers of myself and some of my fellow Forever Knights, including sets of dragon scales, crafting mats, and possibly some named items as well.

How it works

These will be run a bit differently than Cordovan's event. I'll be emceeing the event on Guerric (he has more inventory space than Carri) along with Olathural, who will help to form groups, distribute items, and possibly host a round at his option. We will put up the lfm and form raid groups for each round. At the beginning of the round, I'll teleport you to our guildship and give instructions over voice (if you are unable to hear I will accomodate, but I'd prefer you be able to hear voice if able), as this will expedite things greatly. Rather than rolling off for a chance to respond, which will take forever, I will put the questions in party chat and the first person to type in the correct answer (answers will be 1 to 3 words typically) will receive a point. Whoever receives the most points at the end each round will get their pick from a set of prizes including the point codes. The runner up and others will then get to pick prizes in descending order of points earned until everyone has something. The winner will additionally receive some of the unique flavor items to honor his or her victory. I'll most likely host a final round with champions from earlier rounds for an additional reward (likely the owlbear certificate and a point code). We'll most likely do two to three rounds prior to the final one.

What will the questions be like?

The questions will be over classic Dungeons and Dragons topics, including rule sets over various editions, classic modules, campaign settings, lore, the history of the game, and even some classic Dungeons and Dragons based computer games. As I have little experience with 4e (since I hate it with a passion), the questions will probably be more focused on the first three editions, though I can try to put some 4e stuff in for those that play it, even though it’s out of my area of personal expertise.