View Full Version : Mouse Click and tooltips stop responding but mouse works fine in other windows.

03-01-2014, 11:13 AM
Ok so I play in windowed mode because of multiple monitors. It doesn't always do this but on occasion my "click" function of the mouse will stop working in ddo, however if i move my mouse to another window it clicks fine there then i move it back to ddo and it works again until it does the same thing, sometimes it goes on this mad fritz where it does it every 30 seconds and then sometimes not for days. I don't rightly get it because it doesn't do this in any other game i play. Also when the click function fails to respond, mouseover tooltips also fail to appear when i move my mouse over an item in my inventory or the auction trader for example. Only moving my mouse to another window or even to a bare desktop and then going back to the ddo window fixes this issue. I am playing with dx11 enabled on windows 7 x64. Mouse is a razer naga epic. Has anyone else experienced this and or solved it?

Edit: Issue solved, apparently my xbox 360 controller was the cause. Unplugging it did the trick.