View Full Version : Human Pure Arty?

02-28-2014, 06:43 PM
Hi guys I have a second life human arty that SUCKS that I've had since before the new enhancements came out so I've got the opportunity to rebuild her from scratch with the +20 lesser heart is there a good basic build for this?

My only real requirements are:

I want the mark of making (mercifully only 1 feat now)
I'd like to remain pure classed if possible
I'd like to get her to 28 but have no requirement for her to excel at endgame (I'd rather it was easier to level) as I doubt I'll use her for anything much really but would like to maybe use her for epic normals to get crafting ingredients (she's my crafter)

Other than that I don't care really

Any suggestions?

02-28-2014, 06:58 PM
Eeek I'm sorry to hear that!

How you build and use your arty will depend on play style.

My favorite is pure human arty that is ranged/caster. My second fav is bladeforged any style after removing the 1st level of paladin.

The feats and skills you invest in should match the play style that you like. For example, ranged you want to take the ranged feats, etc. Similarily if you want to go TWF (two weapon fighting) then those feats (duel Nightmares). If you want to do bladeforged 2 handed weapon (great ax or great sword) then I would not take the glancing blows stuff, but certaintly take cleave and greater cleave where you will do most your damage. Castificer, caster feats.

Remember to gear your dog along the way and spend his skill points. A pure arty = stronger dog.

Edit, I run EE on pure human arty the most. If you're on Sarlona look me up and we can have an EE arty party.