View Full Version : Druid 18/ Rogue 2: Multiclass Weapon Enhancements in Animal forms

02-28-2014, 10:08 AM
So Working on the Above Druid 18/Rogue 2 (Because I solo a lot and think traps are just stupidly overpowered in some places) and I was playing around with the enhancements from Rogue Mechanic, thinking if I had a great crossbow equipped in wolf form and had the Lacerating Shots Enhancement trained to 3 Ranks (100% Chance to put a stack of Bleed on enemies with a great Crossbow) that it would work in wolf since the Weapons effects are meant to pass over, but perhaps that's only the treasure effects.

So I guess the question is:

Should AP Enhancement bonuses to equipped weapons, transfer over to the Druids animal forms?
E.g. Lacerating Shots, Bonus to Hit and Damage with certain weapon types (Crossbow training), etc.

If some do and some don't, is there any way to tell which ones do and which ones don't?

If they don't would that be a bug?

02-28-2014, 11:57 AM
I guess no, it won't apply in Animal Form, because your Animal Attack is no Crossbow Attack, even with an equipped crossbow. If Lacerating Shots was an additional effect to toggle on/off like the Eldritch Knight Spellswords or a spell like Weapon Enchantment or the Fang spells, then it would. But it's easy to figure out: if the Enhancement/spell adds a related entry to the weapon tooltipp of a weapon, then it'll be valid in Animal Form too. If not, then no. Eg. the EK Spellswords add a temporary additional Entry as the Fang spells do, so they are applied to Animal Form Attack.