View Full Version : Druid adivce please

02-25-2014, 01:55 PM
Getting ready to TR into my first Druid and looking forward to it. I will just be doing the heroic levels and TR'ing again at 20. I do both solo and party play. I am thinking of a melee build and probably 2 levels of monk splash. I am hoping for some general advice.

When take the monk levels?
Along with that, use wraps all the way through or do other weaps (Qstaff, 2 x clubs, or shield & club) work better at certain levels
Does Half-elf (rogue dil) and wolf-form work for soloing using a hire and pet to distract so I can get sneak attacks when I can?
Or better Dwarf and bear form for survivability?
What should I pay attention to when leveling for feats, spells and enhcance?
Other thoughts/advice for a new druid?