View Full Version : Ranger Arcane Archer build advice needed

02-22-2014, 10:38 PM
Hey! im thinking of a halfling arcane archer with a splash of rouge and monk to disable traps and get evasion and ki arrows. i am going halfing because of the self heals with dragonmarks. What way should i splash the levels? 15 ranger/1rouge/4monk? im not sure! thats why i need advice

02-24-2014, 12:26 PM
I'd suggest 6 levels of monk if you're doing monk---that's enough to get you lots of monk goodies including 10k stars, which synergizes really nicely with multishot. Between the two you can get away with rarely putting away your bow even in heroic levels. 1 level of rogue is enough to trap just fine when ranger is your main class (since search/spot are class skills, you only have to cover disable device and probably umd). Also as a ranger you get that wild instincts spell for +10 spot, so your spot will be better than your average rogue most of the time anyway.
So you have 11 levels of ranger spoken for (for all the free feats), 6 levels of monk, 1 level of rogue. Take the last 2 levels as best benefits you in one of those 3 classes.

BTW, you MIGHT consider artificer instead of rogue if you're just doing a splash for trapping since you'll have evasion as a ranger anyway. Arti has some nice perk as a 1 level splash (no centered runearm though).

02-24-2014, 01:03 PM
11 ranger gets you almost all the important ranged feats. 6 monk gets you 10k stars. 1 rogue or arti gets you trapping. the last 2 levels can go anywhere that strikes your fancy.

feats to take that you won't automatically get: imp crit: ranged. point blank shot. master of forms.

aside from that... go crazy :D

things to consider:

you're autogranted most of your ranged and melee feats, so you don't need to rely on having your dex to a certain watermark by a certain level to attain them... but you don't want to dump dex either, as you rely on it for your reflex save for evasion.
as a ranger, your strength adds to your bow damage. high strength is good. don't dump it
with 10K stars, the higher your wisdom, the more arrows you'll shoot... so a higher wisdom is also good... this higher wisdom brings a side benefit... IF you take the feat "stunning fist" it affects your DC. stunning fist is good. i highly recommend it.
12-14 int is more than enough for effective trapping, even with only a single level of rogue/arti, if backed up by sufficient gear.