View Full Version : Shadar-kai Sealed Soul Description Screams Out Shadar-Kai!

02-22-2014, 05:34 PM
"Sealed Soul-Repeated exposure to the plane of shadows has taught you ways to protect your life force - You have become immune to energy drain."

"They look human, with a few exceptions. Their skin is a dusky gray, a trait that being born on the Plane of Shadows has given them, and sometimes in extremes of emotion they will "bleed" shadows. Their eyes and their hair are both always of the purest extremes of color, no matter what color it is. Hair is usually the pure forms of natural hair colors, like blood red, snow white, and raven black, while the eyes can range through any color, though that color is always vibrant to non-Shadar-Kai.
Last and most noticable of all, Most Shadar-Kai are covered with a web of scars, either self-inflicted or gained in countless fights."

Shadar-Kai are born on the Plane Of Shadows, not granting them this as an automatic racial feat at some level is not only damaging to their popularity, but also idiotic considering that what the description of Sealed soul teaches is is that repeated exposure to the Plane Of Shadows will teach you to protect your life force from energy drain.

In short, either add this feat automatically to the Shadar-kai race, or change the description of sealed soul!