View Full Version : Theory crafting with screenies, possible to get 1000 light spp as fsoul hybrid

02-20-2014, 04:58 PM
First of all, this is mainly a theory crafting thing, this is not meant for questing.
You can do ee quests with this build if you want, i dont suggest to do so tho as its fragile and lacks the poof thing.

But anyways as i got my 2nd sun elf plife i wanted to see how much light spp you can get on a build.
So for my third sun elf as i was figuring what to do, what mix, and smthn that can do ee-s.
Came to 12 soul/6 cleric/2 palie split.
There is probably a better split for more spellpower from for example wizzys eldritch knight for spellcraft or some other splits.
But heres the split i did.

For spp i used the following, blue set, planar set with mjorhn /cuz ballizar would be better but i trashed and mjor was my only confluxed 1 hander/, 138 ench 10 radiance of 19% light crit 1 hander and a 6 int augment sloted for int only.
Ap spent mostly in dd tree and restover in angel, with some in sun elf tree.
So theory crafting speaking, i lack some from spellcraft tome /only 4/. 6 from enchant plifes, 10 from last sun elf plife, 14 from weapon, 5 from exp int skills item, 5from 20 spellcraft item.
And as human you could dualboost and get 60 spp that way which would free the sun elf ap spent points which would give 15 more possible or more depending on split.
So thats 57 so far.
Im at 705 before metas, with 225 with metas for beam atacks.
I end up with that at 930, with the 57 i counted that would be 987, with temporary boosts, like yugo pot store pot alchemical skill pot alchemical int pot, bard buffs and possibly geting 2 more from better int item /+ possibly going int based to get enough it is possible to hit 1 k light spp with mets included.
Sustained in questing you can say the ammount i have - 100 from angel form which is a amazing epic moment that needs serious reworking + possibly more from better gear plifes etc.
Anyways screenie:

http://s21.postimg.org/po8f72xlv/Screen_Shot00067.jpg (http://postimg.org/image/po8f72xlv/)

Was fun to make it, but it rly is a abomination and not on par with any fotm build.
Yet dp and slas melt bosses quite fast, used 3 abi set to keep caster levels as high as possible, sun bolt/avenging light regular crits were aroun 2-3 k and dp stacked on a weakend mob with rebuke only /as i dont count fsoul aura debuff (i dont like being hit) were ticking for 3-4k average, dwrath that could crit for 9-10 k.
Overall damage is ok and nice once you stack it up, not good tho for most ee quests.
Sp was never a issue as you mainly spam slas and get sp back from archon.
Crit chance was funny, you get 16% from both trees, with 5 base 3 from mental toughnes line and 19 from scepter,
i was at 43%.

Cant make full breakdown as i trd so have no idea how much you get from tree, but temp buffs include:
20 scourge stack, 20 ardor stack /both sustained for 60 spp, pot for 20, aboost for 30, angel form for 100, gear past lifes and leftover is from enchas, all light spp/universal picked in dd tree and rest of points spread between sun elf for 30 spp and fsoul, added 20 sun elf pifes 3 from enchant plife, etc etc.

Conclusion: pew pew laser beams, now this is how star wars feels