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02-17-2014, 01:38 PM
Though I have played for 5 years, I am a very casual player and do not mind asking for advice.

I have an alt that is a 16/2/2 bard/fighter/rogue dwarf warchanter. I am not even certain if that build is viable any longer. The toon is currently has 6 epic levels.

I have not LRed him at all. The build uses TWF so my GS weapons are D axes. I would like to TR but my focus on D axes tend to limit what my options are, I think. Based on what I have, are there any suggestions for any builds that I can still use d Axes or am I going to have to grind out new leveling options before TR? I still have the 2 raiders box with him as well as the LR +20 acorn thingy as well. I have not done much other than cap my ED and stat on another, no twists even taken yet.

Any thoughts would be welcomed.

02-17-2014, 01:49 PM
the 16/2/2 Bard/Fighter/Rogue is still viable, however, the gear, enhancements and Feats might need to be switched around a bit to be more optimized.

Not knowing any other goal but use D. Axes does not allow much for Build suggestions but I can offer some advice on the TR part.

You are only two Epic Levels away from the current MAX level. If Epic TR is an option (You were VIP during December and have the ETR stone, or ETR Stone from another source or willing to farm out the 4200 CoVs) I would recommend sticking it out and get an Epic Past Life Feat (your target build and available Karma will determine which is available/beneficial to your future build). You can then do a Heroic TR right afterwards gaining both an Epic PL and Heroic PL for your next life.

As for the LR+20, personally if you are planning on doing a Heroic TR just save it, unless using the LR+20 will give you a Heroic PL that you want or is better for your build then the Bard Past Life.

02-17-2014, 02:13 PM
Thanks for that advice. I do still have the ETR gift. I think I will take that advice and grind out the last two levels then ETR followed by an HTR. I will need to see how to redo what I have now for the last two levels. I have two toon that already capped out. One I have grinding Eds for the right twists and one I have, just sort of waiting to see what is next and completing items (i.e. Cleaver).

If warchanter is still viable, I suppose I will ultimately TR and get another bard life.

Thanks again.

02-17-2014, 03:24 PM
If warchanter is still viable, I suppose I will ultimately TR and get another bard life.

Thanks again.

If I'm understanding correctly, the following 3 things are true:

1. You still have your LR +20 heart
2. You want to TR and you also want your next life still to be bard
3. You're interested in a primarily melee bard (rather than casting focused)

If that's the case, I think you'd be better off using the LR heart to change your current life to something else right before you TR. The bard passive past life is one of the least useful, and the active past life is really only useful to a pure DC-casting based bard or an enchantment-focused wizard.

The ideal past life would really be paladin, for the healing amp, but of course that would require an alignment change and therefore can't achieved with an LR from a bard.

The passive Fighter past life gives a stacking +1 to attack and to tactics DCs, which might be useful if you're building for stunning blow / trip (which I think is possible, assuming that you're going Dwarf to use your Dwarven axes). That's probably the best option.

Another really good choice could be Wizard for the +2 to spell penetration. You probably wouldn't take the active past life feat, although it's one of the best (+1 to all DCs). But you may still find yourself casting Otto's Irresistible Dance even on a splashed Warchanter; and although that doesn't have any DCs, it is still affected by Spell Resistance, so the passive wizard past life can be a big help there.

Either of those past lives would give you more benefit the next time around than a bard past life would. Sad but true.